There’s something to be said for an all-natural Koenigsegg Regera

Supercars and hypercars, by their definition, are meant to scream for attention. Whether it’s with their outlandish looks, colorful bodies, or their stomach-churning power, these cars are as likely to be as ignored as discounted freshly baked bread. I say this because Koenigsegg is back at it with another one of its employee renderings and the latest design study is a shining example of a stylistic approach that eschews all-around flamboyance in favor of a simpler look meant to showcase the hypercar in about as raw a state as it can be.

This rendering comes by way of Koenigsegg’s current facility manager and overall longtime employee Chrille. According to the Swedish automaker, Chrille (no last name was mentioned) has been around Koenigsegg so long that he’s probably worked in just about every division in the company. Apparently, he’s worked in the composites branch, the finishing station, and the service area, and that doesn’t even include his current occupation as facility manager.

So when pressed to create his very own interpretation of what a Koenigsegg Regera should look like, Chrille took a far different approach with his rendering compared to what everyone else before him has done. Instead of dressing it up in fancy colors and saying that it’s been inspired by this-or-that, Chrille went back to basics... and barely touched the Regera.

Sure, his rendering has tone-on-tone black stripes, anthracite-finished brake callipers, and an optional aerodynamic kit, but the body of the hypercar, by and large, is devoid of any color. We all know that since Regeras are built largely from carbon-fiber, what’s left of the body without any color is the carbon-fiber, or at least in this case, naked carbon-fiber in its complete, unaltered, natural shade. That fact alone makes this particular Regera rendering a true sight to behold, even if it does look a little too close to the Raven Black Regera designed by Koenigsegg’s own art director, Lisa Johansson.

Say what you will about Chrille’s design choice, but you can’t argue that a naked carbon Regera looks just as good as all the other renderings we’ve seen in recent weeks. It may not have their flash and panache, but it is natural. At the end of the day, that counts for a lot too.

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All natural, all the time

This Is What A Naked Koenigsegg Regera Looks Like High Resolution Exterior
- image 706791

You’re going to have to excuse me for waxing a little too emotion, maybe even poetic, about Chrille’s naked carbon fiber Koenigsegg Regera. Quite frankly, I love it, but not for the reasons you might think.

I love it because it’s a different approach to what we’ve become accustomed to. It may seem so simple to just ask for a naked carbon-fiber Regera, but once you look at the wheel of colors that are available at your disposal, the first thing you start to think of is which color combination suits you and the car best.

This Is What A Naked Koenigsegg Regera Looks Like High Resolution Exterior
- image 706793
This Is What A Naked Koenigsegg Regera Looks Like High Resolution Exterior
- image 706790

I love it because it embraces who it really is and doesn’t pretend to be something else. I know how car colors can affect the selecting habits of customers. It’s happened to me in the past too. But again, there’s something to be said for a Regera that’s comfortable in its own skin to the point that any form of color would be tantamount to tainting its full naked hypercar qualities. It’s not a common practice, but there is something oddly romantic about seeing carbon fiber that’s devoid of any colors. It’s natural, bordering on the sublime.

Now to be fair, Chrille did put in some work adding some bespoke parts in his Regera rendering. The interior, for instance, features a black Alcantara dashboard, a black anodized console, and a black finish throughout the car. The only separation in color comes in the form of white upholstery inserts and top-stitching on the seats and rear bulkhead.

This Is What A Naked Koenigsegg Regera Looks Like High Resolution Interior
- image 706792
This Is What A Naked Koenigsegg Regera Looks Like High Resolution Interior
- image 706794

At the end of the day, this Regera rendering is the kind of Regera you’d prefer to have if you grew tired of all the colors you could put it in the car. So basically, if you’re going to dress up your Koenigsegg hypercar in this shade of red or that shade of yellow, and then proceed to go naked carbon fiber because you’ve gotten tired of those colors, why bother to begin with?

All-natural looks great as it is, and if this is your style, I don’t see any reason why you should not have it from the very beginning.

The Koenigsegg Regera Turns Dark In Raven Black
- image 703832
Koenigsegg's Latest Regera Rendering Is Ready For Its Close-up High Resolution Exterior
- image 704348
Koenigsegg Employee Renders A Tribute Regera For Late Music Icon High Resolution Exterior
- image 701869

Note: photos of the Purple Rain Regera by Steven Wade, the Black Raven Regera by Lisa Johansson, and the Battleship Grey Regera by Mattias Vox.

Koenigsegg Regera- Specifications

Engine Koenigsegg twin turbo aluminum 5.0-liter V-8
Power output – Premium gasoline 1,100 HP @ 7,800 RPM
Torque 737 LB-FT @ 2,700-6,170 RPM
Max torque 944 LB-FT @ 4,100 RPM
Electric propulsion 700 HP
Electric torque 663 LB-FT
Battery pack 9 kWh 620 Volt, flooded liquid cooled
Combined Output Over 1,500 HP
Combined Torque Over 1,475 LB-FT

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Source: Facebook - Koenigsegg

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