Might be best to take speed bumps seriously from now on

In a perfect world, the very concept of a speed bump wouldn’t exist because all of us drivers are going to be well-behaved on the road. But we don’t live in a perfect world so speed bumps, as much of a hassle as they are, play important roles in keeping us in line when we’re behind the wheel of the car. Here’s the thing though. These small bumps on the roads are actually dangerous if you don’t accord them with the proper amount of respect. Ever wonder then how your car would fare if it drove over multiple speed bumps at speeds in the vicinity of 150 mph? Well, that much was shown to us by driving simulator BeamNG.drive, with the help of the DestructionNation YouTube channel, and the results aren’t pretty.

Granted, there’s no realistic scenario wherein a road will have in excess of 100 speed bumps altogether, but if you thought these bumps are nothing more than nuisances, then prepare to be shocked because driving through a number of them in succession at such a high speed can cause irreparable damage to your car to the point that some cars can literally get destroyed or worse, you can get killed because of it. There is a silver lining though, at least if you’re driving a high-riding vehicle with a soft suspension like a pick-up or a van. The simulator shows that these types of cars can survive the ordeal with nothing more than flat tires, cracked windshields, and damaged body panels. Any other car though and the results are nothing short of a massacre. Either the car gets completely destroyed, rolls over multiple times, or worse, all of the above with the matching bonus of you getting hurt or killed in the process.

See for yourself what kind of carnage this can bring to your car. Might be best if you watch it so you know what awaits anytime you want to dismiss the importance of these speed bumps.

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