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The general rule of thought when it comes to doing burnouts is to not overextend a car past its limits. The owner of this BMW M3 E92 should have heeded that advice when he had the chance. Not only did he throw caution to the wind, he completely disregarded the M3’s well-being with a burnout session that went beyond the car’s capabilities. The result, as you might expect, wasn’t pretty. Not only did the M3’s engine blow up, but a lot of its internal bits and pieces can also be seen scattered on the pavement, drowning in a pool of engine oil. That’s not how you take care of your M3, sir.


Posted by Low Cruiser Germany - Das Original on Thursday, October 11, 2018

The video starts off like any normal burnout video. The driver of the M3 gets the party started quickly, drifting the M3 as the coupe lets out a guttural shriek.

It’s the kind of sound you’d want to hear, even if it was a little too high-pitched for some people’s liking.

But the car was drifting, and the tires were smoking, so everyone was having a good time at it. Turns out, the driver was having such a good time drifting his M3 that he forgot to cut the coupe some slack, even for a second so it could figuratively catch its own breath.

This is What Happens When You Push a BMW M3 Too Hard: Video
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Nope. Nope. Nope.

Just when you thought the driver was balls-to-the-wall with his burnout run, he overextends the engine, causing it to blow up as flames showed up from under the engine compartment.

Panic soon ensued as people tried to put the fire out and once the camera guy got his own bearings in order, the focus turned on the pool of oil that had gushed out from the car with a number of engine components scattered with it, smoking as they lay on the asphalt road. The rest of the video shows the driver and his friends looking into the damage caused by the reckless burnout, presumably wondering where it all went wrong.

This is What Happens When You Push a BMW M3 Too Hard: Video
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Judging by how that M3 was treated in this epic fail of a burnout run, we know where things went south. Or should I say, we know “who” caused things to go south on the BMW M3.

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