The issue is serious, risky, and far too common to be ignored or taken lightly

Have you heard of ’Death Wobble’? If you are a truck owner or truck enthusiast, you would’ve come across this term often. Jeep came under scrutiny for this, but Ford customers have also reported this issue on the Super Duty trucks.

There are multiple videos and complaints on the internet where the drivers experience violent jostling and shaking from the whole front end and it feels like the vehicle is just going to tear apart. To get an idea of how it feels, check out this video of a 2018 Ford F-350 experiencing a death wobble on the highway out of nowhere.

It Is Present On The Ford F-250 and F-350 Super Duty Trucks

This Is What The Infamous 'Death Wobble' is Like On A Newer Ford F-350 High Resolution Exterior
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As you can see in the video, the truck was cruising comfortably on the highway before the violent shaking starts to happen absolutely out of nowhere. However, a lawsuit reported that the most common factor that triggers the death wobble is when you are traveling at over 50 mph and one of the tires hits a bump, dip, or groove in the road. The shaking can only be controlled by stopping or reducing speed. There’s nothing else you can do about it while it’s happening.

The issue is prevalent since 2005 and it looks like Ford hasn’t been able to solve the problem.

Some owners suggest that the automaker has replaced various steering components including parts like steering rods and stabilizers, but it hasn’t helped. According to WSBTV’s report (LINK), a search on the NHTSA’s website showed over 1,200 complaints that had the ‘death wobble’ reference. Some complaints were as old as 2005. There’s even a class-action lawsuit filed against Ford on behalf of F-250 and F-350 owners in the Southern District of California.

Owners Have Also Reported The Same Issue With Their Jeep Wrangler

It’s not just Ford F-250 and F-350 owners who suffer from the Death Wobble. Research showed that even the F-150 has been a victim since at least 1995. If you look at other brands, Jeep Wrangler also suffers from the problem.

In Jeep’s case, it was said that the wobble occurs when a vehicle with worn-out front suspension components hits inconsistencies in the road at highway speeds and can sometimes only be stopped by bringing the vehicle to a halt.

It was reported by hundreds of owners and it soon turned into a class-action lawsuit against the automaker. However, Jeep says that fitting a new steering damper solves the death wobbles. Death wobble, like many other issues, is not new to the Wrangler. This is consistent with the off-roader since 1995. According to an article from Autoguide (LINK) seven years back, over 600 complaints were filed with the NHTSA against the Wrangler.

Final Thoughts

This Is What The Infamous 'Death Wobble' is Like On A Newer Ford F-350 High Resolution Exterior
- image 648384

Imagine you are cruising on the Interstate with your family and suddenly the death wobbles occur. It can be a frightening experience. It needs to be seen what Ford will do to take care of this since some owners have said that even after replacing components the issue is not resolved. Fortunately, no casualties have been reported due to it to date.

Have you ever faced a death wobble situation with your Super Duty truck? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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