Donut spares prepped for double blowout after massive burnout

Dodge ain’t kidding about the 2018 Challenger SRT Demon’s ability to shred tires. Just check out those skinny temporary spare tires strapped in the trunk. The car even comes with its own hydraulic jack, for cryin’ out loud! Dodge must expect Demon owners to totally thrash those specialty Nitto cheater slicks to the point of destruction. But seriously, how thoughtful is that? Dodge doesn’t want Demons leaving the drag strip on rollback wreckers. That would kill Dodge’s image faster than United Airlines’ recent Battle Royale. Look even closer, and you’ll see an air compressor. Obviously, that’s to ensure these skinnies are perfectly inflated before heading home. Right?

Well, not exactly.

We’re well past April Fools Day, so we’ll drop the gag. No, these skinny tires aren’t compact spare tires. But you knew that. You’re a TopSpeed reader, making you smarter than the average bear. You know well and good these tires are for cutting weight. Dodge hasn’t announced the exact weight savings, but the pizza cutters certainly weigh much less than the 315/40R18 DOT-approved slicks.

But there’s more positives than just added lightness.

By swapping the 315-series front tires with the skinnies, which are technically called “front runners,” racers instantly gain another pair of slicks for the rear. That should help keep Demons racing while Nitto inevitably rushes to fill a backlog of Demon-branded slicks from ambitious owners. As for the jack, yeah, the Demon comes ready for a trackside tire swap. The air compressor will come in handy for adjusting tire pressures during the pre-check, too, should they be without a better source of compressed air.

And the results that quantify the front runners? These figures are probably ingrained into your subconscious by now, but the Demon hits 60 mph in just 2.3 seconds generating 1.8 G of force while carrying those tires above the ground for 2.92 feet on its way through the quarter-mile in just 9.65 seconds at 140 mph. It’s the quickest and most powerful production car ever.

If you didn’t already know that, check out TopSpeed’s full run-down on the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon here.


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