One woman killed, another seriously injured by Siberian tigers

Horrifying footage of woman being attacked by a tiger at a drive-through safari park was posted online over the weekend. The attack occurred at Badaling Wildlife World, near Beijing, China, and was captured by a security camera.

Badaling Wildlife World allows visitors to drive their own cars through large, open areas where wild animals roam freely. Visitors are warned to never leave their vehicles.

The footage shows one of the women exiting the right side of the car, and then walking in front of the vehicle to the opposite side. The left door then opens, and the woman briefly stands there before a tiger enters the frame, seizes the woman, and drags her off screen. A man and a second woman then exit the vehicle and run towards her to help. Wildlife rangers are seen driving up seconds later.

The first woman seen in the video survived, while the second woman to exit was killed by another tiger not in frame. The man was unhurt.

Reports indicate that the man is the first woman’s husband, while the second woman was her mother.

The park was temporarily closed following the attack.

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First off, if you watch the video, be warned – it’s pretty graphic.

Secondly, you’re probably wondering why the first woman would ever choose to leave the vehicle. Initially, reports indicated that a family fight prompted her to exit the car, but relatives later denied any fighting. It’s also been suggested that the woman didn’t realize she was still inside the park.

Whatever the reason, this tragedy brings to light the need to respect wild animals and nature in general, and not just when it comes to safari parks. As civilization continues to expand, the odds of human-animal interaction increase, potentially leading to fatal consequences. If we instead choose to protect habitats, we’ll all be better off – both humans and animals included.

Source: BBC

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