Normally, the dash-cam videos we see from Russia involve a healthy dose of road rage or an attempt at insurance fraud, which is apparently a big thing there. Today, however, we’re looking at a video from early June that involves a Lamborghini acting like, well, a Mustang. The video was originally scrutinized by various media outlets as being fake, but other footage and images from the accident have since gone public, and the accident you see in this video is very real.

The Lamborghini itself has a chrome finish, which is why the video has a fake-looking element to it. After reviewing the video, it seems as if the driver of the now-smashed Lambo was attempting to bob and weave through traffic in some pretty nasty weather. It is clearly raining, but if you turn up the volume, it sounds like it could have been hailing as well. That said, the Lambo didn’t stand a change going balls to the wall in those conditions. As it passed the car with the dash cam, it lost control, veered across the highway, and nails the center median.

It’s unclear as to whether or not the driver of the Lambo was hurt, but we know his ego is bruised and he’s out one pretty sweet car. Sucks to be him. The SUV that the Lambo initially hit looks like it didn’t even get a scratch as the Lambo swings around it – something that added fuel to the possibility of the video being fake – and it doesn’t seem that any other vehicles were involved in the accident. With that said, hit the play button and watch some overly confident driver make an expensive mistake.



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