There appears to be a simple conclusion behind this accident of sorts

A Ferrari 458 owner in Manhattan found his beloved supercar with its door bashed in and side-view mirror missing after dropping it off at a parking garage in Tribeca. The man, identified as Mark Rosen, ended up paying $19,500 for the damages, but he’s looking to recoup that amount after filing a lawsuit against City Parking LLC. According to Rosen, the parking company located on the ground floor of his building initially agreed to foot the bill before it realized how much it would cost. In a not-so-surprising twist, Rosen sold his repaired 458 Italia to a dealer in exchange for $207,000 in credit.

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This is the kind of story that has no real winner. Mark Rosen isn’t a winner. That’s for sure. The 70-year-old legal executive recruiter ended up having to sell his Ferrari 458 Italia because the unfortunate incident with the parking attendants ended up torpedoing its value. “The car was in mint condition” before; he told the New York Post. “They smashed the entire side passenger door, ruined the door, and the entire passenger side mirror had to be replaced. … Any of these cars get into an accident; the value goes through the floor.”

To be fair, though, we looked up listings of Ferrari 458s on Autrotrader in similar condition and with around the same mileage — 7,000 miles — as Rosen’s 458. The values posted ended up between $210,000 to $230,000. That’s not too far from the credit Rosen received from the dealership that bought his car.

As for the parking company in charge of these cars, it’s far from a winner, too. Not only is it facing a lawsuit from Rosen, but it’s also in the news for all the wrong reasons.

The damage to the Ferrari 458 — the door was bashed in, and the side-view mirror was missing — appears to have been caused by the car contacting something while it was being parked.

It’s unclear if it hit another car or if it hit something else, but the Italian supercar contacted something to get damaged the way it did. To his credit, Rosen didn’t believe that the attendants decided to go Dukes of Hazard-crazy on his beloved Italian supercar, but he does think that they were reckless in their jobs. That’s especially common in a place like Manhattan where parking operators try to cram as many cars as possible into the limited spaces that are available. An accident like this could happen if a valet isn’t careful.

This is Why You Shouldn't Own a Ferrari 458 if You Live in Manhattan
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“You’re driving a car five miles per hour in a garage; it’s almost impossible to do that unless you’re really, really careless,” Rosen said.

Making this even more suspicious is the outright refusal of City Parking LLC to show Rosen how the car was damaged.

The owner still doesn’t know how the accident occurred, but if his lawsuit against the company gets any traction, it’s going to be near impossible for the parking company to keep a lid on the evidence that it’s currently withholding.

This issue is far from finished, too. It’s not finished for Rosen, who’s looking to get the money he spent on repairing the 458 Italia. It’s not finished for City Parking LLC, which has to answer for the lawsuit that it has on its hands. It’s also not finished for car owners who live in Manhattan, especially those who own high-prized exotics like the Ferrari 458 Italia. If you leave the keys to a parking attendant that you don’t trust, don’t be shocked if something happens to it. That’s just the nature of the beast in that urban jungle.

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