This BMW collection includes some of the rarest cars built by the German company

BMW has become one of the most iconic car brands in the world, starting with the 1960s, and many of the company’s cars are now sought-after collectibles, with some worth in excess of $1 million. But while some have a passion for a certain nameplate, some collectors adore BMW’s history as a whole. Peter Gleeson is one of those guys, and he owns an impressive collection of Bimmers. The Peterson Automotive Museum paid him a visit, and he showcases some of his favorite possessions.

This Is, Without a Doubt, The Most Amazing BMW Collection You'll Ever See
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Gleeson owns quite a few rare BMWs, starting with the first 2002 Turbo model ever built. The collection also includes one of the first 2002 race cars built by Alpina, as well as one of only seven JPS-liveried, race-spec 6 Series built for Australia. Gleeson also owns a handful of CSL models, including the only rally-spec "Batmobile" built by the factory. His garage is also home to Frank Stella’s M1 art car, race-spec Z4 and E36 models, and a wide variety of BMW M cars.

Gleeson owns other brands too. I spotted a Bentley S2 and a Nash Metropolitan in the garage, but it’s pretty obvious that he’s obsessed with BMWs. Check out his collection in the video below.

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