• This Isn’t An All-Electric Porsche 356 A, But It’s Probably The Next Best Thing

It’s still under development and it won’t be cheap

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Watt Electric Vehicles is not the most sonorous name in the EV industry but looking at its latest project, the company seems to have the potential to become a strong player in the EV restomod niche. The reason behind this statement is as cool as they come: a Porsche 356-inspired EV with a mid-mounted electric motor.

This Isn't An All-Electric Porsche 356 A, But It's Probably The Next Best Thing
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We will have to wait and see what Porsche thinks about the aero-optimized body shape chosen by Watt Electric Vehicles for the Coupe. As some of you might recall, the Germans were not happy when Singer used PORSCHE lettering on the ACS 911 and there is no hiding from the fact that the WEVC looks like a 356.

The visual standpoint is where the similarities between the WEVC and Porsche’s 356 end. Underpinned by Watt Electric’s PACES skateboard-style platform, the Coupe gets an electric motor mounted in the middle. There is no word on power output yet, but we are told that the e-motor will be available in two states of tune.

This Isn't An All-Electric Porsche 356 A, But It's Probably The Next Best Thing
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A 40-kWh battery pack will provide the electrons needed to keep the WEVC moving, and the estimated range (WLTP) is 230 miles. Among other sweet features of the WEVC we can note the 50:50 weight distribution between the two axles and a curb weight of under 1,000 kilos (2,204 pounds), rather impressive for an electric car.

Battery 40-kWh
Range 230 miles
Weight 1,000 kg (2,204 miles)
0 to 60 mph 5 seconds
Price $112,900

Autoblog reports that the 0-60 mph sprint takes “just over 5 seconds”. Those looking for creature comforts will be pleased to know that inside the cabin, occupants get air conditioning and Bluetooth connectivity.

This Isn't An All-Electric Porsche 356 A, But It's Probably The Next Best Thing
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Expect the Coupe to pop up in its final production guise towards the end of 2021, which will see deliveries kick off in early-2022. The Coupe will not come cheap, though, as prices start at about $112,900.

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