The roads here are like the Autobahn or what?

The little town known as Acquetico in Italy recorded a mind-boggling 58,568 speeding violations in just two weeks! After residents, largely comprising of senior citizens, complained about speeding vehicles on a certain stretch of road, the Mayor decided to install speed cameras that may now become permanent fixtures thanks to the results.

The Speed Camera Trial in Acquetico Could Become Permanant

This Italian Village Witnessed 58,000 Speed Violations In Two Weeks
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According to BBC, Mayor Alessandro Alessandri installed speed cameras as a trial test in September after receiving over 120 complaints from the residents.

When the data was extrapolated, they found out that a speeding car passes by every few minutes in the 50 kilometer per hour zone (31 miles per hour) on average.

“It’s really madness, considering that we have inhabitants who regularly move within the village and cross the road,” Mayor Alessandri told Italy’s ANSA news agency.

The Root Cause Of Acquestico’s Speeding Problem

The roads passing through the village connect the Piedmont region with Italy’s northern coast.

Mayor Alessandri told the local newspaper, Corriere Della Serra, that the village is an ideal route for the travelers because the roads are high quality and Aquetico is not looked after seriously.

Two wheelers love to rip the roads here, thanks to the “ideal asphalt, good width, and continuous bends”, which make this nothing short of a race strip. Riders are seen racing between towns here. As for the car drivers, this is a smooth road that has no speed breakers, tolls, or radar traps - until now, anyway.

This Is A Major Safety Concern

e an effective deterrent to motorists and that they can benefit the citizens of Acquetico, because you do not want to make cash with the fines, but it is necessary to protect people’s safety,” Mayor Alessandro Alessandri told the news agency.

The worst violation saw a motorist touch 135 kilometers per hour (84 miles per hour); which is almost three times the legal limit.

Another thing the mayor noticed was that the top offenders were speeding in broad daylight. One publication suggested that half the cars passing through were speeding.


Borderline violations are acceptable, but not when motorists ride or drive at triple-digit speeds. The Mayor is now seriously considering installing these cameras permanently to counter the problem. Do you think that will sort the problem? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Source: BBC

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