• This Kia Stinger Wears its Widebody Kit Well

Turns an already aggressive looking car into something evil

The Kia Stinger has received a lot of attention since it debuted some two years ago and while at first the attention was mainly due to it being a new model that nobody knew anything about, now it gets attention specifically because people know it’s actually pretty good. But for those that think that the factory look just isn’t aggressive enough, now there’s a bold widebody kit that completely transforms its look.

This Kia Stinger Wears its Widebody Kit Well
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The kit is the work of Ark Performance, operating out of Ontario, California and, while some may not like how it dramatically changes the look of a Stinger, I really think it’s not a bad way to go at all. Sure, it’s a bit over the top (but this is not unusual in the realm of widebody kits), with those massive fender flares, but with lower suspension and rims slightly larger than stock, it’s pretty cool.

Ark Performance really respected the design of the car when making this kit, since, for instance, the rear flares have a cutaway to allow the extended side reflector that sticks out of the rear light clusters to be visible - it’s actually funny how they let it show through, and it’s really a cool little detail.

This Kia Stinger Wears its Widebody Kit Well
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The kit includes front and rear wide over fenders, a carbon fiber rear wing and a front splitter for an MSRP of $4,350, and you can also opt for a more aggressive fiberglass hood for an additional $696.

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