• This Lady Touched the One Million-Mile Mark In Her Hyundai Elantra

Hyundai rewarded her with a New 2019 Elantra

When we hear about any car touching the million-mile mark, it reminds us of the Volvo man. The latest person to do it is Farrah Haines who has covered one million miles in her Hyundai Elantra in just five years! That dumbs down to 200,000 miles a year, which is way above average when compared to a general American car that drives 14,000 miles annually.

A Very Rare Achievement

This Lady Touched the One Million-Mile Mark In Her Hyundai Elantra
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Haines is a delivery driver who drives 200,000 miles every year delivering auto parts and similar products.

Her 2013 Hyundai Elantra touched the million-mile mark recently and that too on the original powertrain.

In fact, the company was a little skeptical about this achievement. It pulled out the car’s service records and a Carfax report. The South Korean manufacturer ran multiple tests to validate the Elantra’s odometer reading and had engineers inspect her car’s engine casting numbers, wiring harness, and motor mounts. After everything was verified, Hyundai decided to reward Haines for the achievement and her loyalty by gifting her with a new 2019 Elantra while she was making a delivery.

What They Had To Say

This Lady Touched the One Million-Mile Mark In Her Hyundai Elantra
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Dean Evens, Hyundai Motors’ America Chief Marketing Officer, said that the achievement is a testament to the company’s quality. As he noted, “Reaching one million miles with the original powertrain in just five years is an extremely rare and incredible achievement.” Talking about the Elantra and the secret to the achievement, Haines said, “My Hyundai has been a great car, and the key to reaching the million-mile mark is to prioritize regular maintenance and to have a quality vehicle.”

Companies Will Need To Provide Seven Digit Odometers From Now On

This Lady Touched the One Million-Mile Mark In Her Hyundai Elantra
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Million-miles are barely covered in passenger cars, so most manufacturers fit digital odometers max out at 999,999 miles.

However, this being a special case, Hyundai decided to create a special “1 Million Mile emblem” and add it in front of her odometer which reset to 0 miles.

Even though the emblem was custom-made for Haines, it has now become an OEM part that is available to all the company’s customers who have driven over one million miles in their Hyundai cars. Do you have any peers who have covered a million miles in their cars or SUVs? Let us know their stories in the comments section below.

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