• This Lightweight Hypercar Design Could Be The Mini Lotus Evija

Lotus should consider this design exercise for a second supercar slotted under the Evija

In a radical but not unexpected turn of events, Lotus pulled the plug on the Elise, Exige and Evora in early 2021. The decision leaves the Evija as the company’s only vehicle right now (though it has yet to go on sale), but the Brits announced plans to built three new vehicles in the future. The next one is codenamed Type 131 and will become Lotus’ competitor for the likes of the Porsche Cayman.

We have no idea what it will look like aside from a pair of Evija-like headlamps, but it won’t be as aggressive as the all-electric hypercar. But if Lotus eventually decides to build a second supercar, we do hope it will look like this.

This Lightweight Hypercar Design Could Be The Mini Lotus Evija Exterior
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The sleek hypercar you see here is not real, even though it may look so. It’s a rendering by Behance’s Sabino Leerentveld, described as "a personal project of a Lotus lightweight hypercar." It doesn’t share much with the upcoming Evija, but it’s a tasty design idea that would be a cool addition to the company’s lineup. Perhaps a hybrid supercar that would slot under the Evija and above the upcoming Type 131.

This Lightweight Hypercar Design Could Be The Mini Lotus Evija Exterior
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The unnamed concept looks the part as far as design goes. Clearly inspired by Le Mans prototypes, it boasts a really short nose and a canopy-style greenhouse that’s almost as low as the beefed-up front fenders. It features small cutout atop each of the four fenders, massive vents in the front, and a race-spec diffuser in the rear. It also features a big, active wing atop the deck lid, which incorporates vents and a glass section for access to the drivetrain.

Based on the vents, this concept features a gasoline engine, but it could be a hybrid too. It’s not something we’ll see on a production line, but it sure looks nice and would enable Lotus to finally compete against carmakers like Koenigsegg, McLaren, and Aston Martin on the supercar market.

This Lightweight Hypercar Design Could Be The Mini Lotus Evija Exterior
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As a brief reminder, Lotus’ first-ever supercar and EV, the Evija, will arrive sometime in 2021. It will be powered by four electric motors that generate a massive 1,970 horsepower and 1,254 pound-feet of torque. The Evija is expected to hit 60 mph in under three seconds and reach a top speed of more than 200 mph.

Lotus Evija specifications
Powertrain Four electric motors
Battery 70 kWh battery pack
Horsepower 1,972 horsepower
Torque 1,254 pound-feet of torque
Transmission Four single-shift gearboxes
Weight 3,703 pounds
Power-to-Weight Ratio 1,174 horsepower - ton (estimate)
0 to 60 MPH Less than three seconds
Top Speed Over 200 mph
Electric range 250 miles (estimate)
Price $2.07 million

Source: Sabino Leerentveld

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