It’s the underground garage we never knew we wanted...if we could afford it

It’s one thing for an adult to dress up as Batman for Halloween, it’s another thing entirely for someone to have a garage built underneath his mansion and fashion it exactly the same as the one Bruce Wayne has in The Dark Knight trilogy. But such is the predicament of wealthy people like this Australian car enthusiast who decided that having a normal garage for his parade of supercars wasn’t cool enough.

Instead, he commissioned architecture firm Molecule to build him an underground garage that evokes a striking similarity to the one Bruce Wayne had for the Tumbler and the Bat Cycle. The project was as meticulous as it was ambitious. According to Molecule, it had to perform a complete excavation on the site where the underground garage would be built. Once that was done, work on building the actual garage started and Molecule threw everything but the kitchen sink to make the design work. In the end, it was able to create a space that featured a luminous ceiling plane and a mirrored rear wall that enhances the illusion of a bigger garage. The architecture firm finalized the project by building a hydraulic ramp disguised as the baseline of the tennis court that sits on top of the underground garage.

It’s the kind of project that would make Batman blush, if he’s capable of blushing to begin with. As for the owner of the mansion, he can rest easy knowing that his supercars - a Mercedes SLS-AMG, Maserati GranCabrio, and Aston Martin DBS - have their home that fits their posh and affluent status.

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This Man Has A Garage That Would Make Batman Proud
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A few weeks ago, I was busy re-organizing my garage because I wanted to find enough space to fit the new leaf blower I had just bought. It was a stressful job but ultimately, I found a way to fit it in without compromising the comfort of my car. Little did I know that my problems paled in comparison to the conundrum this man had when he wanted to find a suitable garage for his supercars.

I don’t want to sound like I’m jealous here, but it’s hard to feel otherwise, isn’t it? I mean, an underground garage just like the one Batman had in The Dark Knight trilogy? That’s just too awesome for words. It would’ve been nicer if he actually had his own Tumbler, but I don’t think I’d be able to handle seeing something like that and not wondering when I could afford such luxuries.

Truth be told, I am a little envious here. But I’m also geeking out knowing that there are still people out there who would go to incredible lengths to give their cars a garage that would be comfortable for them.

A hearty hat tip should also go to Molecule for not only conceiving of this idea, but for actually doing out and bringing the whole thing to life. Makes me wish I could turn my garage into its own little Batcave. I already have the bat part covered anyway.

Source: moleculeweb

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