• This Mashup Between A Porsche 911 and C3 Corvette Might Give you Nightmares

If it doesn’t give you nightmares, then there’s a good chance you’re head over heels in love with it

The creation you see here comes courtesy of Yasid Design, and goes by the name Porsche Concept Zero Two. It isn’t officially endorsed by either Chevy nor Porsche, but is more of an independent design study that blends together cues of a “classic” 911 and the C3 Chevy Corvette. There are a total of three renderings, and while it does have a cool, cyberpunk-ish feel too it, is it too much to blend a Porsche 911 and C3 Corvette into one oddly strange package?

C3 Corvette and Porsche 911 Mashup – What has the World Come To?

This rendering has some very interesting styling cues. The front end features those very familiar Porsche 911 headlights and the hood is also said to be inspired by classic 911s, which is at least believable thanks to the fuel cap in the middle. This is where things get weird, though, as the roof stretches much further back than it typically would, and the hood itself is much longer than it should be. The rear end features a cool glass engine cover and an LED lightbar to go with an illuminated Porsche logo and what we believe to be a pair of exposed turbochargers.

This Mashup Between A Porsche 911 and C3 Corvette Might Give you Nightmares
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With all of this said, I can’t help but think that any Porsche 911 enthusiast or a Porsche enthusiast in general would see this design stuff as sacrilege. A simple fix would be to ditch the Porsche front end for something a little more original, but what do you think – is it super cool or should it be removed from the internet permanently?

Source: Yashid Design

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