Should the Germans use it on more cars?

Mercedes’ new EQ brand just debuted with the EQC, an all-electric alternative to the compact GLC crossover. Sporting its own design language, especially up front, the EQC will soon be joined by other EV siblings, including a full-size sedan. Whether the EQC’s high-tech face will make it onto other vehicles remains unknown, but automotive digital designer Kleber Silva decided to see how the SUV’s front fascia looks on the popular C-Class sedan. The result is somewhat awkward.

This Mercedes C-Class with an EQC Face is a Bit Awkward
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Silva pasted the EQC’s entire front end on the C-Class, including the headlamps with thin LED edges, blue accents, and the unique grille with upper LED bar and the seven horizontal slats. These features change the C-Class’ appearance quite dramatically, and some people don’t seem very happy about it.

Some readers from Carscoops, the first outlet that posted this rendering, think that it looks like a vehicle from a Chinese manufacturer. Other claims it doesn’t fit the overall design of the C-Class, while some labeled it "ugly" and "hideous."

Is it that terrible? I wouldn’t say that, but it definitely looks awkward.

But the main reason for this is that the front fascia of a crossover was photoshopped onto a sedan.

That’s not how designing a car works, and it’s pretty obvious that the EQC’s front features do n n’t mix well with the organic profile of the C-Class. The heavy criticism may also have something to do with the brand-new grille, which is a significant departure from the element we’re familiar with. People don’t react well to change, and Mercedes fans are no exception.

2019 Mercedes-Benz EQC Exterior
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Still, that’s not to say that the EQC’s fascia couldn’t become the new face of Mercedes. It will likely happen for the EQC brand, and it could also inspire the company’s upcoming design language. But until Merc launches its next-generation models, would you buy a C-Class with an EQC face? Let me know in the comments section.

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Source: Kleber Silva via Behance

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