• This Mid-Engine Chevy Camaro Looks Good, But Won’t Happen

You can ask all you want, Chevrolet isn’t going to build it

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Ever since the C8 Corvette got out of the bag, people have been wondering whether the Camaro is next in line for a layout revamp and whether GM and Chevrolet are going to give it the mid-engine treatment as well.

While we do not believe that is going to happen anytime soon, if ever, there are some concept artists out there that have had a go at picturing a mid-engine Camaro. One of the first renders we’ve seen looked a lot like a Lamborghini Huracan. This one, however, takes a lot more after the C8 Corvette.

No, Chevrolet is not making a mid-engine Camaro

This Mid-Engine Chevy Camaro Looks Good, But Won't Happen Exterior
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It goes without saying that these images do not belong to Chevrolet. Nor has the carmaker commissioned an independent designer to come up with a concept on a potential mid-engine Camaro. And we’re pretty sure it won’t do it, for a couple of solid reasons.

Firstly, taking the Camaro’s engine and dropping it behind the seats would delete its muscle car/pony car status.

As simple as that. Which means Chevy won’t have a direct competitor for the Ford Mustang. And the Mustang isn’t going mid-engined either, mind you.

Secondly, such a move is bound to polarize the Camaro fan base to an unthinkable extent. Unrest would follow, and most likely a hefty drop in sales since, as mentioned in the paragraph above, the Camaro name itself equals to the notion of American muscle car and customers in the market for that won’t go for a mid-engine sports car.

Coming back to Rostislav Prokop’s mid-engine Camaro render, there’s some things we must mention. One of them relates to the overall flavor of it.

It surely looks a lot more at home within the Chevrolet family as it’s been envisioned with a lot of styling cues taken right off the C8 Corvette from the front and rear fender flares to the side air intakes.

At the same time, the render is distinctly a Camaro, since it preserves the front end almost unchanged from the production model.

On that note, we’ll let you be the judges of this render. So, on a scale from 1 to 10, how would you grade it? In our books, it’s a 10 all the way.

2020 Chevrolet Camaro engine lineup
Engine 2.0L I-4 DOHC VVT DI Turbocharged 3.6L V-6 DOHC VVT DI (includes Active Fuel Management with automatic transmission) 6.2L LT1 V-8, VVT with Direct Injection (cylinder deactivation with automatic transmission)
Bore & Stroke (in. / mm): 3.39 x 3.39 / 86 x 86 3.74 x 3.37 / 95 x 85.6 4.06 x 3.62 / 103.25 x 92
Block Material: Cast aluminum Cast aluminum Cast aluminum
Cylinder Head Material: Cast aluminum Cast aluminum Cast aluminum
Valvetrain: Dual-overhead camshafts, four-valves per cylinder, continuously variable valve timing Dual-overhead camshafts; four valves per cylinder; continuously variable valve timing Overhead-valve, two valves per cylinder
Fuel Delivery: High-pressure direct injection and electronic throttle control Direct, high-pressure fuel injection Direct, high-pressure fuel injection
Horsepower (hp / kW @ rpm): 275 / 205 @ 5600 (SAE certified) 335 / 250 @ 6800 (SAE certified) 455 / 339 @ 6000 (SAE certified)
Torque (lb.-ft. / Nm @ rpm): 295 / 400 @ 3000-4500 (SAE certified) 284 / 383 @ 5300 (SAE certified) 455 / 614 @ 4400 (SAE certified)
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