No, it’s not the engine, but you’re getting close

As you all know, the first Mini Coopers weren’t built with performance in mind. These cars had to be compact, offer decent storage options, and first and foremost, refrain from blowing a hole in the buyer’s budget.

At some point in time, BMW took over and the Mini got fatter, even more fun to drive, and nicer on the inside. Heck, some Minis even received feistier versions badged John Cooper Works. But not even those can compare to the sheer madness that hides inside this little rocket tuned by California-based Gildred Racing.

Welcome to the Super Cooper S show

This Mini Cooper Shares a Mind-Blowing Detail With the Bugatti Veyron
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This car, not dubbed the Super Cooper S, started out as a humble, stock-wheelbase 1970s Mini Cooper, but then it met Gildred Racing.

It’s now powered by a 3.5-liter, Acura-sourced V-6 mounted in the rear and it only spins the back axle.

The space cleared out under the hood is now home to the cooling system, air conditioner, and some electronics.

The engine is slapped with a Rotrex supercharger and twins to a six-speed manual the further connects to a limited-slip differential. On 91 octane fuel, this rabid bulldog will churn out 480 horsepower at the wheels, while on 100 octane, you get 550 horsepower and a low-ten quarter mile run at 140 mph, with 0-60 taking less than four seconds to completion.

Vector in the fact that it tips the scales at just 2,000 pounds (roughly 907 kilos) and you get a power-to-weight ratio on par with the Bugatti Veyron’s, which is rated at around 523 horsepower per 2,204 pounds (1,000 kilos). The Veyron is twice as heavier as the Super Cooper S at 4,162 pounds (1,888 kilos), but packs almost twice the power (987 horsepower).

Now, you might believe that this Mini is as spartan as they come on the inside, and you’d be right. But also wrong. Because this is not your FIA-sanctioned, rollcage-wearing cockpit. No, sir. This Mini is rocking a suede interior, heated and cooled Recaro seats, power windows, automatic climate control, keyless start, and, wait for it, a Bluetooth stereo. Seriously, what more can you ask for?

Oh, and get this. The Super Cooper S isn’t just blistering quick. It’s also a TV star. Those of you who watched the second season of Netflix’s “Fastest Car” series will definitely remember how this wheeled David beat Amber Blonigan’s McLaren 675LT Goliath in a quarter-mile drag race.

Now head below and check out The Smoking Tire’s video to get a richer taste of the Super Cooper S.

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