• This Modified Suzuki Jimny Can Swim Too

It is one step away from becoming a Triathlon champion

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The Jimny is a capable off-roader and it has proven its mettle time and again. However, a car kit maker that goes by the name ‘Dutton’ has transformed this little off-roader into an amphibious vehicle called the Dutton Surf. Although a lot of such attempts have been made in the past, what makes the Dutton kit so special is its simplicity. This kit doesn’t involve a lot of complications and it is fairly easy to maneuver it in water. Carfection has posted a video on its channel highlighting the features of the Dutton Surf.

What Makes The Dutton Surf Jimny So Special?

This Modified Suzuki Jimny Can Swim Too
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At the onset, it doesn’t look very similar to the Jimny. The vehicle makes use of a lot of components from the Euro-spec Jimny models ranging from 2005 to 2018. On the outside, Dutton has replaced the original body shell with a lot of plastic and stainless-steel as both are resistant to corrosion.

The company has equipped this vehicle with a water jet propulsion system that’s quite similar to the setup seen on a personal watercraft. This makes sure the propeller doesn’t get damaged.

Operating the Surf is easy in theory, but requires a lot of practice to get the hang of it. The driver/operator essentially pushes in the clutch and moves the levers. Once it is in the water, the power is controlled by the throttle pedal. The steering wheel still controls the vehicle’s direction on the water, just like on the road. However, there is a lag between the operator’s inputs and the vehicle’s response to it, just like in a boat.

On the inside, there are controls to switch between the different modes. The neon green shade of the exterior is seen on the door pads and center console as well. Dutton’s founder, Tim Dutton, has taken the Surf out on two successful journeys across the English Channel to France and back to Britain. He was able to complete the trip in six hours.

Final Thoughts

This Modified Suzuki Jimny Can Swim Too
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The Dutton Surf kit costs £10,000, which is approximately $12,100 at the current exchange rates. If you opt for a complete turnkey project that includes even the donor car, you’ll be spending around £21,690, which is roughly $26,250.

For the joy and fun it offers, it is quite well priced. The off-roading abilities are certainly compromised, but it can work well on the road in standard driving conditions and can ferry around in the water. Not bad, right?

Suzuki Jimny specifications
Engine 1.5-liter four-cylinder
Horsepower 100 HP
Torque 96 LB-FT
Transmission five-speed manual/four-speed automatic
Top Speed 90 mph (manual)/ 87 mph (auto)

Source: Dutton

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