• This Porsche 911 4S by Delta4x4 Looks Ready For Dakar

In a growing pond of safari-style Porsche 911s, this one stands out

Let us refresh you memory on what off-road-ready 911 Carreras have surfaced on the internet so far. We’ll give you two examples: the RUF Rodeo and the Gemballa Avalanche 4x4. Yes, the latter is still a concept, but so is the 911 4S by Delta 4x4. However, Delta plans to build it using the 992 911 Carrera 4S as a platform and if that’s not making you drool, we don’t know what will.

Here’s the deal about Porsche and (off-road) racing…

This Porsche 911 4S by Delta4x4 Looks Ready For Dakar
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Whenever Porsche’s high-ranking officials decide the brand should race in a given competition, you can bet that it’s all knives out. See, Porsche settles for nothing but the victory and it was the case back in 1984, at the Paris-Dakar Rally.

Now, porschephiles might remember the Rothmans-livery Porsche 953 that took the overall win in the gruelling race the Dakar was (and still is, for that matter).

This Porsche 911 4S by Delta4x4 Looks Ready For Dakar
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In fact, Porsche raced three of those in 1984, with the one driven by René Metge and co-driven by Dominique Lemoyne coming out victorious, while the car steered by the great Jacky Ickx came in sixth place. The third car finished 26th.

One year later, Porsche replaced the 953 with a race-spec variant of its road-going supercar, the 959, and the off-road Carreras were somewhat forgotten. Which is why we’re glad to see the trend coming back.

Now, Delta’s literature is rather thin on what the build will be like - luckily, there are some pics attached to it - but the company does mention that it took part in and finished the Paris-Dakar Rally back in 1982 with a modified, 80-horsepower Suzuki LJ80. Of course, building an off-road 911 based on the current 992 generation is a whole different story, but Dakar know-how is still Dakar know-how.

This Porsche 911 4S by Delta4x4 Looks Ready For Dakar
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In that regard, Delta says its 911 4S will pack quite a hefty list of mods, including:

  • reinforced chassis
  • rally-style light bar
  • custom roof rack
  • new suspension (supporting a 250 mm ground clearance)
  • beefier tires
  • motorsport wheels

Until we see a real-life photo with the actual car - 2021 is the promised year of reveal, by the way - the renders Delta provided should do.

2020 Porsche 911 Drivetrain Specifications

2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera 4S
Cylinder layout / number of cylinders Boxer 6 Twin-Turbo Boxer 6 Twin-Turbo
Displacement 3.0 l 3.0 l
Engine layout Rear engine Rear engine
Max. Power 443 HP @ 6,500 RPM 443 HP @ 6,500 RPM
Torque 390 LB-FT @ 2,300-5,000 RPM 390 LB-FT @ 2,300-5,000 RPM
Top Track Speed 191 mph PDK 190 mph PDK
Acceleration 0 - 60 mph 3.5 sec PDK / 3.3 sec (PDK with Sport Chrono) 3.4 sec PDK / 3.2 sec (PDK with Sport Chrono)
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The Porsche 911 has excelled in all aspects of motor racing, known primarily for its performance on race
tracks around the world dating back to the early 1960s. The Porsche 911 has enjoyed a successful rally
career too, in the 80s the rear engined icon celebrated major victories at the legendary Dakar and
Pharaohs Rallies. The specially modified Porsche 911 4x4 derivatives 953 and 959 have proved their
worth on sand and gravel.
delta4x4 Bavaria’s one-stop off road specialist goes that extra mile to realize their customers wishes, the
crazier the better!
When a young entrepreneur from Ulm in southern Germany asked delta4x4 for their help in modifying his
brand-new Porsche 911, type 992 Carrera 4S, so as to make it possible for him to drive it from Germany to
Dakar, essentially recreating the legendary Rallye Paris-Dakar, delta4x4 immediately jumped at the
challenge. Maximilian Loder, delta4x4’s managing director, explains “this where we can contribute all our
experience and know-how”.
delta4x4 has first hand knowledge of this rally, in 1982 they were participants in the 4th Rallye Paris-Dakar.
Bravely they embraced the spirit of this epic event in a Suzuki LJ80, that they had tuned to 80hp, to this day
they pride themselves in reaching the beach at Dakar after 13,000 action-packed kilometers.
By means of computer animation delta4x4 has already given their vision wings, they’ve been able to
transform the Carrera 4S into a true high-tech rally hero. A specially designed light bar along with a custom
roof rack lend the vehicle a rugged off-road look. Importantly, a new reinforced chassis with a ground
clearance of 250mm guarantees fast off-road handling.
2021 will see the dream come true.

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