• This Porsche 911 Art Might Disturb You At First

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Porsches have been on posters since before I was born and with the rise of technology, aficionados have been adorning their laptops and smartphones with Porsche goodness on the regular.

At the same time, Porsches have been inspiring people well beyond the desire to work hard and drive a 911 one day. Porsche, just like BMW to some extent, has both a knack and soft spot for the visual arts and there’s no better way to illustrate this affinity than Chris Labrooy’s work.

This Porsche 911 Art Might Disturb You At First
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A half-drowned Porsche 911 930 Turbo headed for the bottom of a pool? A giant flamingo head peeping out from inside or a 911 Carrera RS that rides on a water mattress instead of wheels? What kind of sorcery is this?

Meet the art of Chris Labrooy, someone who calls himself a digital image maker working at the intersection of art and design. An alumni of the Royal College of Art, Labrooy says he made the move towards the digital world "after seeing the advances in technology there."

This meant that he had to switch from making tangible, physical objects to photorealistic images. Not a bad decision, given he’s been doing work for the likes of Nike, AT&T, Time Magazine, McDonalds, and British Airways.

This Porsche 911 Art Might Disturb You At First
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So, what’s with the Porsche fixation? We get the answer from Labrooy himself:

"I've always been into cars, ever since I was a small boy. I'd play with them, then I would draw them, then drive them in computer games. Even as a youngster I was fascinated by the design of cars."

On that note, know that he used to stroll around in a PDK 981 Cayman and then upgraded to a 918 GT4, only to end up in a 718 Cayman GTS 4.0. Owning a Porsche led to a spark that ignited his creativity and curiosity. Labrooy became interested in the 911, a car he sees as eccentric, "an A-list Hollywood star" in his images.

This Porsche 911 Art Might Disturb You At First
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If you care for our two cents, then the photo gallery speaks very loudly in that regard. For more visual goodies, you can also follow Chris on Instagram (@chrislabrooy) or on his website, chrislabrooy.com. We highly advise you to do it.

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