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This Porsche 911 E Rendering Is A Subtle Nod To The Classic 935

Could This 935-inspired rendering foreshadow the EV equivalent of the Porshe 911?

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We can all agree that 911 is the definitive Porsche model. It’s the car you think about when you hear Porsche. But in times where everyone is heading towards electrification, one has to ask, what the future of the Porsche 911 is. A rendering done by Sandor Boldog gives us a good idea of what might be the future EV equivalent of the Porsche 911.

This Porsche 911 E Rendering Is A Subtle Nod To The Classic 935
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The designer has done his utmost to stay in tune with 911’s design philosophy.

The electric motor is situated at the rear – an obvious tribute to the 911 - while the battery pack is located at the floor of the car, for obvious reasons (lower center of gravity).

A strange technical decision imposed by the designer is for the batteries to be air-cooled – something that obviously wouldn’t be sustainable nowadays, given the importance of battery management in an EV. Nevertheless, it’s a nice tribute to classic Porsche 911 models.

This Porsche 911 E Rendering Is A Subtle Nod To The Classic 935
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Of course, making the thing work is a task meant for the engineers. Design-wise, Sandor has created a perfect, slightly radical mix of current and classic Porsche design elements. While the front looks to be heavily inspired by the Taycan, other elements are an obvious throwback to the classic 935. If you continue looking you might even find a bit of Porsche 904 in there.

Obviously, turning an iconic model like the 911 into an EV is something of a taboo, which is why the company will do everything possible to keep that internal combustion engine hanging at the rear. A logical solution would be to hybridize the 911. In fact, by 2024, we are told that a 992 facelift would turn the current Porsche 911 Turbo S into a hybrid with well over 700 horsepower.

This Porsche 911 E Rendering Is A Subtle Nod To The Classic 935
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But it features strange technical decisions
The rear-mounted electric motor and battery are air-cooled

Although the 911 will never become a true EV, that’s not to say Porsche isn’t working on an all-electric equivalent. In fact, the word is the race for a 911 E design is “on” and Sandor Boldog’s work looks very convincing. We’ve already seen the Porsche Mission R and this rendering shares some elements with it. We’ll just have to wait and see what Porsche’s final decision is.

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