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This Porsche Taycan Coupe Shows What An EV Equivalent of The 911 Could Look Like

This Porsche Taycn Coupe gives a very plausable insight to what a 911-inspired EV could look like

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Porsche, like many automotive companies, is working towards a carbon-neutral future. And while electrification is not the only environmentally-friendly solution Porsche is working on, it’s still a big part of their future. The Porsche Panamera’s EV counterpart, Porsche Taycan, proves that and the Porsche 911 is also heading the electrification route, from next year. But what would a Taycan-inspired, EV equivalent to the 911 look like? Design studio 2NCS gives us an idea with this Porsche Taycan Coupe.

This Porsche Taycan Coupe Shows What An EV Equivalent of The 911 Could Look Like
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You may have seen some of 2NCS’ work on YouTube or Instagram, more specifically a Lamborghini Huracan STO doing a barrel-roll in a tunnel, Porsche 911 two-wheel overtake, Mercedes G-Class Police escape, and Ferrari 458 passing under a truck. Yes, those videos are all created by 2NCS, but now the studio has come up with something that may be a bit closer to reality.

The Porsche Taycan Coupe shares the four-door EV’s front end, but as we go around the side and towards the rear, we see a lot of 911. The hypothetical performance EV benefits from a body kit that looks like something Techart or Mansory would come up with. The more aggressive front splitter, fender vents, and aggressive ground effects make it obvious that this is the Porsche Taycan Coupe Turbo S. The designer has even put up a release date stating "early, 2023".

This Porsche Taycan Coupe Shows What An EV Equivalent of The 911 Could Look Like
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The designer has also added scissor doors, for good measure. The overall result looks quite plausible, as the hypothetical Taycan Coupe is what a fully electric Porsche 911 is expected to look like. The Stuttgart carmaker does not want to turn its iconic rear-engine sports car into a fully electric model, so a separate, EV model, inspired by the 911 is what we may get.

Moreover, it may not look much different than what we are looking at here. We have already seen the Porsche Mission-R, through which Porsche hints at future designs and models, as well as a Porsche 935-inspired EV that also features Taycan design cues. Do you think Porsche 911’s EV brother could look like that?

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