Someone beat Ford to building an electric F-450!

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Electrification has struck the pickup truck segment, but heavy-duty trucks are yet to be powered by batteries. However, CEN Racing has ‘developed’ an electric F-450 and we are loving it. It comes with all the heavy-duty goodies you’d expect, like a four-wheel-drive system, dually-rear-wheel setup, all-terrain tires, etc. But, the catch is that it is one-tenth the size of the actual truck. Say what?

What Makes This RC F-450 Better Than Its Competitors?

This Radio-Controlled Ford F450 Dually Is The Workhorse of the RC World
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CEN Racing has built a 1:10 scale model radio-controlled Ford F-450 that is as hardcore as you’d expect it to be. Given how it well-spec’d it is, I’ll try to review it like an actual truck. It comes with a licensed F-450 body, and measures 26.7 inches in length and 11.41 inches in width. The wheelbase measures 17.6 inches and it comes with a ground clearance of 2.5 inches, thanks to the suspension system. It is available in two shades – Blue Galaxy and Grey Titanium. It rides on Contra wheels wrapped in all-terrain tires. They are low-profile tires and in what could be a segment-first, they might run-flats.

The truck is water-proof and dust-proof, so you can take it out off-road and get it all dirty in slush and mud. Post the drive, hose it down with a 1:10 water pipe.

The truck comes with an in-built capacitor module and automatic throttle range calibration. The keep the batteries safe from unwanted power shocks, CEN Racing has offered low-voltage cut-off protection for its lithium-polymer and NiMH battery. It is also protected from over-heating and throttle signal loss. It is also said to be easily programmed with jumpers.

This Radio-Controlled Ford F450 Dually Is The Workhorse of the RC World
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The F-450 is powered by an RS-550 high-torque motor sourced from Mabuchi Motor. It also comes equipped with a sway bar. A four-wheel-drive system is in place that sends power to all the wheels. CEN has also equipped a highly-efficient transmission with a wide-range, easily-changeable gearbox design. The transmission and axle housing is sealed to avoid dirt and dust from entering. Other notable stuff includes:

  • Center Shaft Drivetrain for more power to the wheels
  • Five mm Hardened Steel Axle shaft
  • Front-locking Differential
  • Metal Transmission Gears
  • Planetary Gear type Differential
This Radio-Controlled Ford F450 Dually Is The Workhorse of the RC World
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Speaking of the suspension system, it is one of the most impressive ones we’ve seen in recent times. It features a three-link system with a Panhard bar design, big bore oil-filled adjustable coil-over shocks, hardened steel steering drag link, and six mm aluminum linkage. Let’s see FOX come up with something so competent.

Coming to the chassis, this F-450 is underpinned by steel frame rails. It makes use of the stamped steel shock hoops with full-precision ball-bearing support. Adjustable turnbuckles further add to its off-roading prowess. Lastly, a steel skid plate is in place to protect it from underbody hits.

Final Thoughts

This Radio-Controlled Ford F450 Dually Is The Workhorse of the RC World
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This electric F-450 Dually is out of stock at the time of penning this article, but you can expect it to be available soon. CEN Racing has priced it at $369, which seems like a good deal considering the amount of off-road equipment it comes with. We’re yet to hear about the power output figures and if any optional packages and accessories will be available for it. There are no additional destination charges.

Source: CEN Racing

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