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This Rambo Needs No Lambo; She Drives A Porsche!

Rambo the Orangutan is living the good life in Dubai driving golf-karts and motor-bikes

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Meet Rambo, the Orangutan that surely is living the good life in Dubai. Rambo is unlike any other Orangutan you’ve seen before as she’s got some off-beat skills, like driving a go-kart, for instance. Well, I bet you haven’t heard of that before.

How Did Rambo pick up driving

Now obviously, Rambo wasn’t born this way and she had to work her way up to get to driving golf-karts. According to her caretaker, she began with toy cars and skateboards, and slowly but steadily, she mastered this skill. However, Rambo had to wait until she got older to hop into a golf kart, as she was unable to reach the pedals when she was younger.

Lets go for a spin

Here’s Rambo, casually taking the ol’ kart for a spin around the lawns of Sheikha Fatima Rashed Al Maktoum’s home, who happens to be the daughter of the Prime Minister of the U.A.E.

The Ultimate upgrade

The city of Dubai is no stranger to fast cars and Rambo sure is lucky to have gotten the ultimate upgrade - a silver Boxster. She even dresses the part to look smart while taking the Porsche for a spin.

This Rambo Needs No Lambo; She Drives A Porsche!
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But it doesn’t stop there as Rambo recently got the ultimate upgrade, a Porsche Boxter

Do note that apart from the golf-kart and the Porsche, Rambo can also ride a children’s motorbike and head off-road in her very own Perego Ranger RZR 900 on power wheels.

Khris Bharath
Khris Bharath
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