• This Recreation of The Top Gun Maverick Trailer With Legos Is Just Too Cool

Now we’re really excited to see this movie

U.S. brick filmmaker Augustus Danko is such a big fan of LEGOs and the Top Gun movie that he decided to marry his two loves and create an incredible fan-made trailer of the upcoming blockbuster movie using only LEGO bricks. The two-and-a-half-minute trailer faithfully recreates the first Top Gun: Maverick trailer starring Tom Cruise right down to the smallest of details. The trailer took five months to complete and it features 3,240 frames. Danko even enlisted the help of other LEGO builders and animators to help bring his project to life. After all that work, this LEGO trailer of the new Top Gun movie looks every bit as incredible as the real one.

This Recreation of The Top Gun Maverick Trailer With Legos Is Just Too Cool
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Danko, who goes by the call-sign “OnBeatMan” on his social media pages, went to great lengths to create scenes from the Top Gun: Maverick trailer using only LEGO bricks. From the fighter jets to the snow-covered mountains to the most specific of scenes, everything you see in this commercial is made from bricks. The filmmaker also used stop-motion technology with added lighting effects to create accurate depictions of the scenes from the trailer. Everything was done frame-by-frame, adding to the scale and degree of difficulty in pulling off this project.

This Recreation of The Top Gun Maverick Trailer With Legos Is Just Too Cool
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In the end, all the hard work was worth it. The trailer has gone viral since it was released, and the praise among fans of LEGO and the Top Gun franchise was universal. Even the production studio behind the franchise, Paramount Pictures, responded on Twitter. “Incredible. one of the finest ever product,” the production company wrote.

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