• This Rendering Concept Predicts The Audi TT’s Electric Future

Now if this is what the Audi TT E-Tron looks like, then we’re all for electrification

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Shortly after Audi celebrated the TT’s 20th anniversary in January of 2019 (yes it’s been more than two decades, now), word came down that the Audi TT could, in fact, be retired and more recently the Q4 E-tron and Q4 E-Tron Sportback made their global reveal. Does this mean the TT might live on as an all-electric sports car given Audi’s strong push into the EV Segment? If it does, this concept rendering gives us a good idea of what it could look like.

The Audi TT EV – Or Is It TT E-Tron?

After news that the Audi TT could be retired, we learned that Audi could reintroduce the TT nameplate on an EV instead – probably an SUV at that. This news was followed by yet another rumor that both the R8 and the TT were going to be retired in the name of cutting costs. As you can see, not even Audi knows what it’s doing with its sports cars at this point. But, earlier in 2021, we saw a glimmer of hope when a new rumor suggested that Audi was working on an electric, next-gen R8. So, why can’t the company do the same thing for the TT?

Well, it can, and it should, especially if it ends up looking like the rendering you see here.

This Rendering Concept Predicts The Audi TT's Electric Future
- image 984042
This Rendering Concept Predicts The Audi TT's Electric Future
- image 984048
As you can see, this conceptual rendering suggests a mix between first-gen TT DNA with some of Audi’s current EV design language.

It’s clearly a TT, but the front end is more curved than usual, with a minimalist design that still somehow preserves the “TT” look. From the side, the rendering shows an increasingly aggressive design, with the highlight being that panoramic cockpit (this really is what we’ll see in the future, right?) and those classic wheels that are as timeless as they are stylish. Even the rear end maintains that minimalist design with integrated LED taillights and the slightest little duck-lip spoiler. Clearly, this is a winning design through and through, but will Audi ever actually design something like this.

This Rendering Concept Predicts The Audi TT's Electric Future
- image 984043

Audi should at least consider a next-gen TT. We have to let go of the idea that the internal combustion engine is going to live on forever, and if a new Audi TT that’s not an SUV can look this good and feature an electric powertrain, then why not? It’s clearly a sports car, it’s clearly focused on compact performance, and there’s really not much to not like about it. Sure, this is just a fan design, but we’d be willing to sign a petition for Audi to buy the rights to this design. Yeah, we’re sure, this should be the next-gen TT aka the Audi TT E-Tron. What do you think? Hit me up in the comments below.

Audi TT specifications
Audi TT Audi TT S
Engine type Four-cylinder Four-cylinder
Arrangement Front Mounted - Transverse Front Mounted - Transverse
Bore and stroke (in) 3.25 x 3.65 3.25 x 3.65
Displacement (cc) 1,984 1,984 cc
Horsepower 220 HP @ 4,500 - 6,200 RPM 292 @ 5,400 - 6,200 RPM
Torque 258 LB-FT @ 1,600 - 4,400 RPM 280 @ 1,900 - 5,300 RPM
Acceleration (0 – 60 mph) 5.3 seconds 4.6 seconds
Top track speed 130 MPH 155 MPH
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