It would definitely have to pack a V-12

Now, Rolls-Royce’s most recent crop of cars might have supercar-worthy names - think of Ghost, Phantom, and Wraith - but the BMW-owned nameplate never played in the super sports car arena and we’re pretty sure it doesn’t intend to.

This didn’t stop Rain Prisk from imagining what a Rolls-Royce supercar might look like. The answer is, of course, darn right exquisite.

It even has the Spirit of Ecstasy on top of its nose

Rolls-Royce supercar. Probably the most pointless design I have done, I can't think of a single reason for that car to...

Posted by Rain Prisk on Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Alright, let’s set some things straight. Rolls-Royce cars don’t fall into the slouch category. But their ability to gather up miles per hour on the speedometer with elegance and smoothness aplenty is the exact opposite of having your hips immobilized during a 0-60 sprint inside, let’s say, a McLaren 720S.

What's more, Rolls-Royce's ability to deliver a plush cabin is at least on par to that of Bugatti's, no doubt about it.

It’s just that the carmaker decided not to play the supercar-hypercar game. As simple as that. And that’s what makes this rendering rather intriguing.

Mind you, the artist admits he can’t see a reason for such a car to exist, but he did it anyway by narrowing the gargantuan RR grille, thinning the headlights, and stretching a coupe shape so that it can accommodate for an engine that’s mounted between the driver and the rear axle. As a result, the hood doesn’t have the length of a landing strip anymore and at the same time, the elongated rear deck adds a longtail vibe to the render, don’t you think?

This Rendering Is a Stunning Example of What a Rolls-Royce Supercar Could Look Like
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As for the potential power source for this imaginary supercar, Rolls-Royce was adamant back in 2019 that it will be holding onto its legendary 6.75-liter V-12 for as long as possible. So a Rolls-Royce supercar, although highly unlikely, will have to pack the said powerplant, albeit with the necessary tweaks.

In the meantime, as per Which Car, the company is preparing to embrace electrification with pure electric cars, meaning that it will skip hybrids altogether.

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