It’s not for the weak of heart, that’s for sure

X-Tomi Design has released another rendering, this time of a Ford Raptor wearing the face — and body — of a Ford Mustang. It’s not a vehicle you’ll probably see in the real world anytime soon, but it’s good to know that there’s a way to look at the Raptor if Ford decided to use the Mustang as the canvas. Don’t start getting any ideas, though. A Ford Raptor with the face of a Mustang is not a good idea. The rendering itself is jarring; imagine what it could look like if it turned into a real model. Can’t picture it? We can’t blame you.

This Rendering of a Ford Mustang Raptor has Fast and Furious Written All Over It
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Let’s have a little fun with this, shall we? Would you want to see this rendering in the real world? I, for one, would not be opposed to it. Can you imagine the kind of reaction this vehicle is going to get when it goes on the market? Mustang purists aren’t going to like it for the same reason they blew their tops when Ford hinted that its new electric crossover would be called the “Mach 1.” The Mustang fan club almost revolted when Ford released that ill-fated teaser video. Now imagine if Ford took it a step further and developed this monstrosity. Yikes.

Give credit, though, to X-Tomi Design for even thinking about this. It’s not often that you see the face of the Mustang on anything other than its own body. And yet, seeing it in rendered form is making our imaginations run like crazy. The design is something else, to begin with.

I didn’t think a Raptor-esque front grille on the Ford Mustang would look good, but it actually does!

The bumper leaves something to be desired with its lack of girth, but I guess that comes with the territory of melding the Mustang and the Raptor. Functionally, the design does pose a few problems, beginning with what looks to be one of the smallest cabs you’ll ever see. Again, that’s a product of dropping the Mustang’s body on the Raptor. The muscle car’s sloping roof extends all the way to the back, leaving little room for anything short of a functional cab.

On that end, maybe X-Tomi Design is on to something here. We’ve already seen what a coupe-SUV looks like. Is it really crazy to imagine that the world can’t live with coupe-pickups? The cross-breed sounds ridiculous on paper but think about it. Visualize a high-riding coupe with a suspension lift, skid plates, and knobby tires.

Wouldn’t that be awesome to use on the outdoors, especially if it’s powered by the Mustang GT’s 5.0-liter V-8 engine that produces 460 horsepower?

It all sounds ridiculous, but ridiculous ideas are often the best ones that people think of, especially if they actually work.

Unfortunately, none of this is going to work. The public, especially Mustang loyalists, are already touchy enough on the subject of an electric crossover getting the name of an iconic Mustang. That didn’t turn out well for Ford. Now, imagine the fallout if Dearborn actually gave the green light to build this mash-up that’s so insane it’s actually awesome.

Ford’s never going to do it, even though somebody there who’s seen this probably wants it to.

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