• This Stadium Super Trucks Race Is Better Than Formula 1

Seriously, it is

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Racing trucks is not a novelty. Racing trucks on a circuit that has ramps installed allowing the said trucks to jump in order to make life harder for the drivers is one of the raddest things you’ll see this week.

Stadium Super Trucks is an up and coming motorsport discipline from Australia founded by Robby Gordon. If we were to describe it in a few words, it’s like taking a little bit of Dakar Rally and perhaps Baja 1000 and sprinkling it on a race track. We’re telling you, this wacky from of racing needs more of your attention, right now.

What are Stadium Super Trucks?

Stadium Super Trucks hare have a strongly-flavored motorsport twist to them.

Besides the fact that they have steel-tube frames, the SSTs are shoehorned with Chevy LS V-8 engines tweaked to produce 600 horsepower, according to Road and Track.

They’re also fitted with a three-speed automatic transmission, solid rear axles, and chunky tires. Even so, each truck tips the scales at 2,900 pounds (1,315 kilos) because the body is made of fiberglass and can, therefore, sprint from naught to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds on to a top speed of 140 mph (225 km/h).

Engine Chevrolet LS V-8
Horsepower 600 HP
Weight 2,900 lbs
0 to 60 mph 4.4 seconds
Top Speed 140 mph (225 km/h)

The driver is protected by a web of steel tubes and he needs all the safety equipment because the trucks sit on long-travel suspension setups, so it’s not unusual to see them two- or three-wheeling.

What’s more, during the actual race the trucks perform pretty insane-looking jumps by passing over a special ramp.

Needless to say, these trucks are not easy to drive and need a proper manhandling because the steering ratio is 1:1.

Speaking of ramps, each one of those is 10 feet wide, 17.5 feet long, three feet high, and made of aluminum. The SSTs usually hit them after exiting a corner, at around 80 mph. As you’d imagine, the landing can take its toll on both the driver and the truck. Other than the sheer brutality they have to endure, these race trucks can flaunt pretty cool liveries, as you can see below.

And now, it’s time to feast your eyes with a 20-minute video of the second 2020 Adelaide SST race. That’s your lunch break sorted, then.

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