A Rare Tesla prototype is for sale on eBay

Valued at more than $4 billion, Tesla Motors is among the 100 most valuable brands in the world as of 2016. This spectacular achievement is the result of the success the company had with the Model S and Model X, but it’s also due to the massive investments the company made to create innovative technology that made owning an electric car a much simpler experience. With Tesla experiencing its greatest period yet, some owners are now trying to make a few extra bucks off the company’s increasingly popular name. Specifically, someone listed an early Tesla Roadster prototype on eBay for no less than $1 million.

The vehicle in question was built in 2008 and based on its VIN, is the 32nd Roadster ever made. This makes it one of approximately 33 prototypes built, some of which were destroyed for crash testing. Not only rare, the electric drop-top also features the early gear shift knob not found on most production model and it’s in tip-top condition, with just 18,100 miles on the clock.

Now with its third owner, the Roadster is registered in California and it’s in perfect working condition with a battery range of about 160 miles. The owner claims to have detailed service records, including documentation from when the power module replaced by Tesla’s service center, and says that this specific model was originally used as a marketing vehicle. The car comes with a hard top, soft top, portable charger, and 240V wall charger.

The ad will expire Monday, October 17, unless someone actually pays one million bucks. The "Make Offer" button suggests that the owner is willing to negotiate.

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Why it matters

This Tesla Roadster Prototype Could Be Yours For $1 Million High Resolution Interior
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A million dollars for a Tesla, be it a rare prototype, is quite an expensive sticker. Granted, Tesla’s value has gone up rather dramatically in recent years, but the Roadster is far from being a classic car. It might be one of the first prototypes to leave the factory, but with $1 million you can buy one of many available supercars as well as pick between several rare vintage sports cars. I can definitely see this electric car worth being worth $1 million a few decades from now, but I’d be really surprised to find out that some paid that much for a Tesla in 2016.

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2020 Tesla Roadster Exterior Exclusive Renderings
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Top Speed Rendering vs Actual Car
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