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This Triumph GT6 Concept Is A Call to BMW to Bring Triumph Back

This Rendering of a modern-day Triumph GT6 is a love letter to the classic British Sports Car

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We often get a glimpse of how certain classic cars from the past may look, had they made them in our time. One perfect example of that is these stunning renderings of a Triumph GT6, courtesy of Martin Aveyard. From his website, we can deduct that he is not only a skilled graphic designer, but also a fabricator. He has showcased all of his projects, one of which looks to be a replica of Ariel Atom. On one of his images, we also spot a classic emerald green Triumph GT6, so we can guess where he took inspiration from.

This Triumph GT6 Concept Is A Call to BMW to Bring Triumph Back
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Martin Aveyard - the designer/fabricator - was inspired by his own classic GT6 restoration project

Apparently, Martin used to have a Mk III Triumph GT6, which was an ambitious project. The GT6 itself is one of the definitive British sports cars of old. It’s lightweight, nimble, but unlike its bigger brother – the Triumph TR6 – not particularly quick.

Because of this, Martin has come up with his own version of the GT6, which looks like it could pack a lot more kick under the hood, or shall we say “bonnet”. All body lines from the 1966-1973 original were kept, including the clamshell hood. Unlike the original, the rendering features big eight-spoke alloy wheels, wrapped in performance tires with thin sidewalls. The tires perfectly fill the wheel arches, creating a much sportier look.

This Triumph GT6 Concept Is A Call to BMW to Bring Triumph Back
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A new GT6 would be epic, but sadly Triumph doesn’t make cars anymore. BMW holds the rights to the marque, so there’s hope yet

Despite other British car brands making a return, like MG, it doesn’t look like Triumph will join the ranks of the resurrected brands any time soon. The last car to wear the Triumph name was the 1981 to 1985 Acclaim – a rather bland front-wheel-drive sedan, based on the Honda Ballade (at least it was reliable).

There is still hope since the rights to the Triumph marque are currently owned by BMW. Given the Bavarian carmaker’s vast resources, it’s not a question of “if”, but rather “when”. So, don’t be surprised if, in the future, we see a new retro-futuristic Triumph GT6, although there’s a good possibility it will be an EV. Until then, feast your eyes on Martin’s creation, which by the way, was done all the way back in 2009.

This Triumph GT6 Concept Is A Call to BMW to Bring Triumph Back
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The rendering perfectly replicates all 1960s design cues
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