It looks old-school but comes with all the modern-day shenanigans and an engine that makes almost 600 horsepower!

Restomods have a special place in our hearts. But, there are two sets of people here – one who want it to be as old-school and stock as the original, and the other who prefer the retro aesthetics and modern features. For the latter, we’ve got an amazing build right here by Sweet Brothers Restomods. On the outside, you see a truck from the 70s, but everything else about it is from the 21st century. A perfect blend of both worlds, innit?

This Truck Is a 2014 Ford Raptor With a 1979 Face And It's Retrolicious
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What appears to be a Ford 1979 F-150 Shortbox Regular Cab is actually a 2014 Ford Raptor beneath the shell. Sweet Brothers Restomods has done a fantastic job hiding its identity. The yellow-and-white painted dual-tone truck looks retrolicious on the outside. There are steel bumpers at the front and back, the egg-crate grille up front, square headlights, simple outside rearview mirrors, and so on. Even the wheels are finished in yellow and white shades.

On the inside, however, the truck is a 2014 Raptor.
This Truck Is a 2014 Ford Raptor With a 1979 Face And It's Retrolicious
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There’s the regular instrument cluster, a touchscreen system on the center console, satellite radio, navigation, leather seats that are heated and cooled, and everything else you can expect from a modern truck. The exterior color theme is followed on the inside, too. The truck is called “Squirrel” and the reasoning behind it is given in the video.

When I mentioned the 2014 Raptor, you probably expected the SVT model that came with a 6.2-liter, V-8 engine which made 411 ponies and 434 pound-feet of torque. But, there’s a surprise here. The tuner has installed a Roush Stage 2 kit that dishes out roughly 590 horses and 590 pound-feet of twist. How about that!

This Truck Is a 2014 Ford Raptor With a 1979 Face And It's Retrolicious
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The truck is up for sale, but you’ll have to contact the tuner to get the price. Check out the video right here and let us know what you think about the ‘Squirrel’ in the comments section below.

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