• This Twin-Engine, AWD Acura RSX is as Ridiculous as it is Awesome

This is close to what Dr. Frankenstein would put together if he were into cars

The Acura RSX was the U.S. version of the Honda Integra DC5. It’s a car revered to this day by car fans who look for cheap thrills. However, there are some who want to see those thrills multiplied by a thousand. One such guy is Ryan Standke who made a mission out of installing two LS4 V-8s in an RSX for an output of over 1,500 horsepower.

Yes, before you rush to the calendars to see if you’ve somehow traveled through a wormhole all the way to April 1st, it’s still the middle of December, and yes, this is a real story. Of course, there’s still a long way until the RSX will descend upon one of the country’s drag strips but if all goes well - and we hope it does - that day will be one for the ages.

A twin-engine car is a rare thing. A twin-engine RSX is a real unicorn

A couple of years ago, Ryan set about swapping the original 2.0-liter K20A3 inline-4 that was good enough for 160 horsepower with a 5.3-liter LS4 V-8. The job wasn’t easy, but our man pulled through and ended up with about 600 ponies after the installation of a Garrett turbocharger with ten psi of boost.

With this done and out of the way, Ryan thought that a good idea would be to get rid of the back seats and, in their place, fit another LS4 V-8. After many months of gathering the funds for the operation and tinkering through it, now, it’s finally done: his 2002 RSX has two LS4s inside for a combined capacity of 10.6 liters. There’s also a transmission there at the back on top of the axle.

The man says that the two engines will work at once via an electronic drive-by-wire setup.

His plan is for them to put out anywhere between 1,700 and 1,7500 horsepower - at the wheels, not the crank.

This would be achieved by replacing the Garrett turbocharger of the front engine with two HX82 turbos while two more will be fitted to the engine in the rear.

This Twin-Engine, AWD Acura RSX is as Ridiculous as it is Awesome
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Before that is done, though, Ryan also found time and money to install a fuel cell at the back that will see a second set of draw and return lines in the near future. Other upgrades include new 15-inch wheels that sit on slick drag racing tires. The suspension has also been tweaked, but Ryan isn’t disclosing much about it at this point. He will, though, keep us updated, so we’re crossing our fingers that he’ll make it to the track sometime in 2019!

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