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This Ultra-Wide Porsche Cayman Confirms That Porsche Is Up to Something!

Porsche’s super-wide test mule suggests some epic witchcraft is happening behind closed doors, and we want to know what!

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Porsche is up to something again, as we see images of a super-wide Porsche Cayman test mule, roaming around the Nurburgring. Porsche’s small mid-engine sports car already has plenty of versions, which begs the question, what are they cooking this time? There are more than a few theories, as to what exactly we might be looking at, some of which may surprise you. The most obvious of them is that this is the next Cayman, in very early stages of development, but there are plenty of reasons for us to think, it might be something else.

Why Porsche Is Testing An Extra-Wide 718 Cayman

This Ultra-Wide Porsche Cayman Confirms That Porsche Is Up to Something! Exterior Spyshots
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We know that a fully electric Porsche 718 is expected to debut within a few months, so this test mule might have something to do with that. However, it still doesn’t explain the much wider than normal track.

The test mule looks to be at least six inches wider overall, which automatically makes it wider than the current 991-generation Porsche 911. This could be explained with Porsche’s work on a new mid-engine supercar that would sit above the 911 Turbo S. It seems like the most logical explanation since the supercar in question is probably in the very early stages of development and the 718 is the only mid-engine car Porsche currently have in their lineup.

This Ultra-Wide Porsche Cayman Confirms That Porsche Is Up to Something! Exterior Spyshots
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The brakes are big, but they are not carbon-ceramic
That doesn’t write off the supercar, since Porsche likes to charge extra for most of the equipment
We can tell this is an early prototype since Porsche has filled the unusually large fender flares with foam, just like the company usually does with early development cars.

The brakes are big but they are not carbon-ceramic, as one would expect on a supercar. Then again, Porsche likes to charge extra for everything, so you never know.

The car’s handling characteristics would usually tell a story, but there simply wasn’t enough motion footage for us to gather any clues. Another reason for the width of the test mule could be the use of the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) platform. The modular platform is developed for bigger electric vehicles that are not suitable for Volkswagen’s smaller MBE platform.

This Ultra-Wide Porsche Cayman Confirms That Porsche Is Up to Something! Exterior Spyshots
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At the time of the “photo session”, a Lamborghini Huracan STO drove at the same time, making it impossible to determine if the Porsche test mule had any sound. However, electric test vehicles are required to have certain stickers. This one did not have them.

Another suggestion, although a bit far-fetched, as to what this might be has something to do with Porsche’s obsession with making limited edition cars.

Since the first Boxter was considered the spiritual successor to the 550 Spyder, the test mule might be a modern-day, highly exclusive interpretation of that. Probably not, but you have to admit, the idea of a new 550 Spyder is an appealing one.

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