• This Video Is Probably The Best Way To Explain Why AC Schnitzer Should Tune Your BMW Z4

This is all the proof you need that AC Schnitzer knows its way around BMW models

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In keeping with the reputation that it has built over time, AC Schnitzer’s program for the new Z4 Roadster M40i covers a lot of ground. From form to function, we see the tuner’s imprint on the Z4 Roadster M40i, including the addition of several aerodynamic pieces to go with a new set of wheels, an equally new custom exhaust setup, suspension upgrades, and, of course, an engine modification program that adds more power to the Z4 M40i’s already potent 335-horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged engine.

All these upgrades are meant to improve the Z4 M40i’s overall appeal, and judging by this before-and-after video that AC Schnitzer provided, the upgrades are also significant in the way we see the German roadster.

What upgrades did AC Schnitzer put into the BMW Z4 Roadster?

Without going in-depth on what the German tuner’s program for the BMW Z4 Roadster looks like, AC Schnitzer dropped a motherlode of aftermarket parts. On the aerodynamic front, there’s a new front splitter, hood vents, side skirts, and a two-piece rear spoiler. All these pieces not only improve the Z4 Roadster’s looks but, more importantly, they’re all in place to help improve downforce that, in turn, improves the all-around driving performance of the Z4.

On the inside, all you’re getting from the German tuner are the aluminum paddle shifters, footrest, and pedals, as well as a key holder. It’s not much, but it’s more than what other tuners offer in this area of the car.

This Video Is Probably The Best Way To Explain Why AC Schnitzer Should Tune Your BMW Z4 Exterior
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A new set of 20-inch alloy wheels was also on the menu. They come in two different designs: the AC3 forged wheels that you can get in either silver/anthracite or vice versa or the AC1 light alloys that are available in either BiColor or just anthracite.

The engine upgrade program is the beating heart of AC Schnitzer’s program for the Z4 Roadster. Naturally, the tuner does not disappoint.

A power kit is available for the daring folk who wish to add more power to the Z4’s 3.0-liter turbo straight-six engine to the tune of 394 horsepower and 443 pound-feet of torque. That’s an extra 59 ponies and 74 pound-feet of torque to play around with.
This Video Is Probably The Best Way To Explain Why AC Schnitzer Should Tune Your BMW Z4 Exterior
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Throw in the new quad tailpipes with the matching sports rear silencers and height-adjustable RS coil-over suspension kit that drops the car’s height by 25 mm (one inch) and you have a comprehensive aftermarket kit that gives the Z4 Roadster a new — and more aggressive — identity.

What does the AC Schnitzer-tuned BMW Z4 Roadster look like?

This Video Is Probably The Best Way To Explain Why AC Schnitzer Should Tune Your BMW Z4 Exterior
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The Z4’s overall look doesn’t necessarily change, but you can tell how wider and lower it sits to the ground. All the aerodynamic panels not only create a more aggressive profile, but you can tell by the exhaust setup that an AC Schnitzer-tuned BMW Z4 Roadster is not the type of car you’d want to mess with.

At the very least, it does make you wish you owned a BMW Z4 Roadster so you can have the German tuner work on it.

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