• This Video Is Proof That Safari-Spec Porsche 911s Have a Place In This World

These Porsche 911s are better desert runners than the Ford Raptor

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The Porsche 911 is mostly seen doing two things: driven in anger on the race track or cruising city streets or highways with a calm yet appealing flat-six soundtrack. But this iconic sports car can be more than that.

To the folks over at Kelly-Moss, a company building 911-based race cars and road-legal custom builds or restorations, the 911 is also a capable off-road machine. Not the kind that you can climb mountains with, but safari-spec models that you can use to tackle frozen lakes and sandy dunes.

Kelly-Moss has been modifying Porsche 911s for years now and it’s a cool company if you want a race car or a bespoke road model. But while there’s no shortage of builders that deliver modified 911s, Kelly-Moss is one of the very few that can make you a safari-spec 911. As seen in this video by Hoonigans AutoFocus, Kelly-Moss’ mods remain true to the original 911 used as a base, but sports a much higher suspension, off-road tires, additional protection for the bodywork, and lightbars. And they seem to be quite capable on both snow and sand. But this concept isn’t new. Porsche actually built safari-style cars.

This Video Is Proof That Safari-Spec Porsche 911s Have a Place In This World
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The most iconic example is the modified 911 Carrera that Porsche developed as a test bed for the all-wheel-drive system that eventually made it into the 959.

Codenamed 953, these cars were entered in the 1984 Paris-Dakar Rally and won. These cars were raced again with 959 bodies in 1985. In 1986, they became full-blown 959 safari-spec models and once again won the Paris-Dakar Rally. Other 911 models with higher ground clearance were raced in various events in the World Rally Championship in the 1980 with notable results.

This Video Is Proof That Safari-Spec Porsche 911s Have a Place In This World
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Although Porsche will never build a production 911 on stilts, it could become a popular model in this day and age when performance SUVs are selling like hot cakes. Luckily enough, we have companies like Kelly-Moss that are happy to convert any 911 out there.

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