• Those Who Purchased a Ford GT Two Years Ago Are now Cashing in Hand Over Fist

The second-generation Ford GT is now a fully fledged seven-figure supercar in the open market

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When Ford imposed a two-year resale ban on Ford GTs, it put a lot of people in precarious positions, specifically those who lucked into purchasing a GT with the intent to flip them afterward. Fortunately, two years isn’t a long time these days, and those who purchased their Ford GTs in 2018 are now able to reap the rewards from all the waiting.

A 2018 Ford GT is up for auction on the Bring A Trailer site, and with eight days still remaining in the auction, the GT is now close to doubling the amount the original owner paid for the supercar in 2018. If bidding continues at its current pace, there’s a reasonable chance that this 2018 Ford GT could fetch seven figures. That’s not a bad return on investment, is it?

Why have Ford GTs become so expensive?

Those Who Purchased a Ford GT Two Years Ago Are now Cashing in Hand Over Fist Exterior
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Two- and three-year-old cars usually drop in value substantially as they get older. That’s one of the unwritten rules in the industry that has made car owners opt for loaning cars for set amounts as opposed to buying them directly. There are exceptions to that, but these exceptions are few and very far in between. The second-generation Ford GT counts as one of those exceptions. Prices are surging for the 2018 Ford GTs that have just hit the market this year, and a lot of it has to two with Ford’s controversial two-year ban on reselling the supercar.

This year, we saw one GT sell for $923,500 at an RM Sotheby’s auction. Barrett-Jackson has also sold a couple of GTs, one for $1.2 million and another for $1.5 million. Now, there’s another GT that’s up for grabs, and by the looks of it, this unit could eclipse the sold prices of all Ford GT units that have already been sold in the second-hand car market.

Why is this Ford GT attracting this kind of bidding?

Those Who Purchased a Ford GT Two Years Ago Are now Cashing in Hand Over Fist Exterior
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This particular unit is on sale at the Bring A trailer website. The seller, EliteAutos, is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and it’s about to reap the rewards of having a Ford GT in its inventory. See, there are eight days left in the auction and the highest current bid is already at $756,000. If the bidding continues at the pace that it’s at, the highest bid could reach $1 million by this weekend, and, well, a lot more as the end date approaches.

For what it’s worth, whoever wins this bidding war will get to take home a gorgeous 2018 Ford GT that only has 4,000 miles under its belt.
Those Who Purchased a Ford GT Two Years Ago Are now Cashing in Hand Over Fist Exterior
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It’s dressed in a bespoke light blue shade that cost the original owner an extra $30,000 to the GT’s sticker price. It’s also sitting on a set of carbon fiber wheels that cost $15,000, not to mention an interior that’s dressed in the "Launch control" pack, complete with fixed-positions seats, exposed carbon fiber on the dashboard, door sills, and center console, and enough black leather and Alcantara with orange leather accents to make you cry in awe and appreciation.

Those Who Purchased a Ford GT Two Years Ago Are now Cashing in Hand Over Fist Drivetrain
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A 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V-6 sits at the heart of the GT, producing a whopping 647 horsepower and 550 pound-feet of torque.

A Getrag seven-speed dual-clutch transmission comes standard, sending power to the two rear wheels and enabling the GT to hit 60 mph from a standstill position in just three seconds on its way to a top speed of 217 mph.

Those Who Purchased a Ford GT Two Years Ago Are now Cashing in Hand Over Fist Interior
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Since this GT does have 4,000 miles in the odometer, it has been serviced in the last two years. Whoever ends up winning the auction will also receive all the important documents attributed to the supercar, including registration history in Kansas and Oregon and a March 2020 letter from the original owner’s bank confirming that the car is paid off.

2018 Ford GT specifications
Engine V-6
Displacement 3497 cm3
Horsepower 647 HP @ 6,250 RPM
Torque 550 lb-ft @ 5,900 RPM
Transmission 7-speed automatic
Top Speed 217 mph
0-100 km/h 3.0 s

Source: Bring A Trailer

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