Despite their often feather-light bodies and extreme powerful engines, supercars are some of the safest cars on the planet thanks in part to the extensive use of composite materials, such as carbon fiber. However, no amount of safety can save people from recklessness as highlighted in the following crash which occurred recently in Singapore.

The Ferrari 599 GTO, which is the fastest car ever produced by Ferrari, was being driven by local businessman Ma Chi when it collided with a taxi after the GTO ran a red light, killing the taxi driver, taxi passenger, and Ma Chi himself.

A motorcycle was also involved in the incident with the rider escaping with serious spinal injuries, while the 20-year-old female passenger from the Ferrari suffered head injuries and was treated on the scene. As you would expect, the scene of the crash was littered with debris and the most surprising thing to come out of this crash is that it all seems to have been caught on tape.

A GIF image reportedly showing the Ferrari running a red light and hitting the taxi was posted on Twitter and soon converted into a YouTube video which you can see after the jump.

It’s currently unclear if alcohol was involved in the incident, but whatever caused the crash, three people have died and 2 others have been seriously injured so no amount of inquests or autopsies will ever heal the wounds of those who lost loved ones in this traumatic crash.

The moral of this story is extremely clear: Never run red lights and always drive responsibly.

Source: Jalopnik

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  (448) posted on 05.22.2012

This doesn’t only happen once. These companies really need to provide a training program for normal drivers.

  (333) posted on 05.20.2012

This grave news is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Over-speeding has always been my worry when a supposedly powerful and speedy car is released in the market.

  (1) posted on 05.15.2012

The deceased Ferrari GTO driver is Ma Chi, a 31 yr old Chinese national from SiChuan, China; not a local Singaporean.

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