The readers of the Wheels24 snapped the new four-door coupe from Porsche.

As you can observe from these pictures there were more than just a Panamera for testing spoted. Three Panameras were there to take a rest at the wayside. Porsche has strange ways to make itself unobserved. The Germans know better what they are doing.

Three Panameras spoted
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But is at least funny the way they do this. The test-drivers look like a mob of aliens hidden under human identity, whit those black sun-glasses .The size of the car and the color may confuse some grannies, so they will swear the Panzers are back!Or at least a huge frog. Be calm grandma! There’s just the Germans testing a new luxury car.

The tank..the Panamera will be officialy presented at 2009 Geneva Motor Show.

To new model, currently under development, will use a front mounted engine and rear or all wheel drive.

Parts will be shared with the equally front engined Cayenne range. Therefore, Panamera is expected to be offered with a range of normally aspirated and turbocharged V8 (already in use on the Cayenne) and V10 engines (derived from the extreme Carrera GT) ranging between 4 and 6 liters of displacement and producing power values amid 300 and 650 bhp. A traditional rear-wheel drive with optimized weight distribution due to transaxle-setup of the gearboxes is expected to provide the desired level of performance and handling.
The new four-door coupe will feature a tall roof for easy entry and exit, and enough luggage room in the rear for a vacation. The Panamera is anticipated to carry a price tag ranging between $125,000 and $175,000

Three Panameras spoted
- image 149398

The Panamera will be instantly recognizable as a Porsche, despite the practical proportions and oversized dimensions. Porsche trademark styling elements will include the round headlamps, large front air intakes resembling those from the 911 Turbo, a wide and sporty tailgate, and a four-light boomerang greenhouse to avoid that slouchy fastback look.
It is a sure thing that, Porsche is watching Mercedes-Benz’s CLS sales carefully, as that is the car the new Panamera will be coming after. Although, Porsche’s sales target figures are set for a more modest 20,000 vehicles a year.

It will be marketed as a straight challenger to vehicles such as the Mercedes-Benz CLS Class and Maserati Quattroporte.In order to sustain the production of the new Panamera model line, Porsche will be significantly expanding their Leipzig Plant.

Source: Wheels24

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