• Three Special Edition Versions of The Ferrari 812 Superfast Could Be Arriving Soon

One of these models is debuting on September 17

Rumors are swirling that the Ferrari 812 Superfast is getting three special edition alter-egos, including one that’s reportedly going to make its debut sometime next week. Details are still cloudy, but multiple users from Ferrari owners’ forum Ferrari Chat have confirmed the rumor, including one user who claims that the three 812 Superfast-based special edition models include a hardcore “812 Monza,” an “812 Aperta” with a removable Targa roof panel, and an unidentified 812 “speedster” that will have no roof and a tiny windshield. One of these three special editions will make its debut on September 17.

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We already know that Ferrari’s planning a special unveiling on September 17 at its headquarters in Maranello. The automaker announced this plans through a teaser that simply read “Icona Ferrari.” At the time, the buzz was that this model would be a special edition version of the Ferrari 812 Superfast. Well, the recent rumblings from within Ferrari Chat back up those claims.

Unless something unexpected happens in the course of the next two weeks, Ferrari’s going to launch a special edition, limited run version of the 812 Superfast.

What we didn’t know, though, is that Ferrari is planning to launch three of them.

It’s unclear what version of the 812 Superfast is debuting on September 17, but the rumor mill suggests that it could be the “812 Aperta.” Not much is known about the special edition model, but it is interesting that it’s going to come with a removable Targa roof panel. Remember, Ferrari’s patent for the roof layout became public last month, igniting speculation that the Prancing Horse would bring back the Targa roof for the first time since it was last offered on the Ferrari 355 back in 1998. It’s not a coincidence that those patent filings leaked a month before the actual model makes its debut. A lot of people are still talking about a Targa Ferrari, and those conversations have helped sustain the buzz and hype surrounding this limited edition model.

Three Special Edition Versions of The Ferrari 812 Superfast Could Be Arriving Soon High Resolution Exterior
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As for the other two 812 Superfast-based Ferraris, there are still disputes - that’s putting it lightly, by the way — on which of the two will carry the Monza nomenclature. Some users believe that the 812 Monza will be the speedster, while other users believe that the yet-to-be-identified third model is the 812 Monza.

There are others, too, that claim that the third special edition model will be called the “812 MM,” which stands for “812 Mille Miglia.”

Evidently, there’s been a ton of discussion regarding these three limited edition models, even though, apart from Ferrari’s teaser calling for a debut on September 17, none of these models have been officially confirmed. That’s the funny thing with rumors. You see or hear something looks or sounds interesting, and before you know it, the rumor, turn or not, has spread like wildfire.

We’re calling “true” on this rumor, though. Ferrari’s already given us hints in the past about a special edition 812 Superfast. It’s all but certain to have one that’s going to make its debut later next week. The more important question, though, is how many special edition models that are based on the 812 Superfast Ferrari actually has in the pipe.

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