770 horsepower should be enough, but (luckily) there’s more

Pickup trucks made a name for themselves through workhorse character and hauling ability but who says they can’t boost one’s ego from time to time?

Certainly not Shelby, who jammed 770 horsepower inside the F-150 Super Snake which we believe is, actually, the only genuine competitor for the incoming Hellcat-powered Ram TRX.

A supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 can take you places

The funny thing about the Shelby F-150 Super Snake is that it didn’t arrive as a Shelby’s engineer wet dream. No, sir. Customers actually demanded for a street truck and Shelby delivered… Shelby style, with a supercharged 5.0-liter V-8 and a mean-sounding Borla exhaust being the highlights.

As a side note, there’s also a sans-supercharger version that Shelby sells, but that one cranks out ‘only’ 395 horsepower from the same vee-eight.

Coming back to the topic in question, Throttle House had a go at the 2020 Shelby F-150 Super Snake - actually the first one to roll out of Shelby’s magic-making workshop - and judging by how psyched the two hosts look, it’s safe to say they kind of liked it.

Throttle House Clearly Explains Why the 2020 Shelby F-150 Super Snake is the Truck Every Man Needs
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What’s to like, you ask? Well, the F-150 Super Snake is the epitome of contradiction. One that actually works, since it weighs just as much as a house but it can still blast from 0 to 60 mph in 3.45 seconds. That’s the performance equivalent of eating hot hatches on a thick slice of bread every day of the week that ends in ‘y’.

Naturally, the truck doesn’t come cheap. The naturally-aspirated version (i.e. the one packing 395 horses) costs $86,085, while the supercharged model (the one you really want) could reside in your garage for $93,385; provided it fits.

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