Is the $75,000 Land Rover Defender Really a Ford Bronco Fighter?

Brands bringing back past-glory monikers is the norm these days and with no signs of this trend slowing down, reviews such as TH’s latest video are bound to pop up on the internet sooner or later.

Now, the video argues that the 2020 Land Rover Defender is a Bronco fighter, which is actually very debatable, for a variety of reasons - however, the two cars are quite similar to some extent.

Are the Bronco and the Defender true rivals?

Icon status aside, the Defender and the Bronco are both built to take the outdoor by the collar and own it. However, Land Rover and its luxury aspirations see the Defender priced a lot higher than the Bronco, which is more of a people’s off-roader.

As a result, the Defender comes with a nicer interior and more tech and while both off-roaders can be customized to the buyer’s desire, the Bronco offers way more flexibility in that regard.

Throttle House Says the Land Rover Defender is a $75,000 Ford Bronco Fighter
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Moreover, the Defender looks like a car that you can take to the opera and bash the dune with the next day, while the Bronco looks more like a fancy dressed workhorse ready do put in the work.

Unless we bring the Bronco Sport into discussion, which shares a lot of design similarities with the Defender.

In all fairness, the two cars shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence and compared because it’s like doing so with apples and oranges. Yes, they’re fruits and so on, but other than that, there’s not much to discuss in terms of common traits.

Throttle House Says the Land Rover Defender is a $75,000 Ford Bronco Fighter
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And if you want our two cents, the Wrangler is the closest rival for the new Bronco, both in terms of personality, status, and off-road prowess. After all, it was Ford’s benchmark during the new Bronco’s R&D days.

2020 Land Rover Defender - U.S. specifications
Land Rover Defender P400 Land Rover Defender P300
Engine Layout Inline 6 Turbocharged with Electric Boost Inline 4 Turbocharged
Displacement (cc) 2,996.0 1,997.3
Bore / Stroke (mm) 83.0 x 92.3 83.0 x 92.3
Compression Ratio (:1) 10.5 9.5
Max Power (hp) 395 @ 5,500rpm 296 @ 5,500rpm
Max Torque (lb ft) 406 @ 2,000-5,000rpm 295 @ 1,500-4,000rpm
Transmission Type ZF® 8-Speed Automatic (8HP76) ZF® 8-Speed Automatic (8HP45)
0-60 mph (s) 5.7 7.7
0-100 km/h (s) 6.0 8.1
50-75 mph (s) 3.6 5.3
Top Speed (mph) 129 119
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