The boys over at TopGear Australia seem to be in some hot water over their damage for this season: $200,000 AUD (about $132,000 U.S. dollars). I was prepared to let this go, but the story seems to be picking up steam. So instead I’m weighing in with my opinion.

Throw a scapegoat on the barbie: Top Gear Australia in trouble
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Some manufactures are upset that the cars were returned in less than pristine condition. This includes having to respray luxury cars after chips from stones (something that is routinely done for pre-owned luxury cars), and one stunt where $30,000 AUD worth of damage was done to two Holden Astras during a game of “lawn bowls” (it was cool to watch).

"We have no appetite for automotive Jackass," the spokesman for one of the damaged brands said.

"When they revisit series two, they will encounter a lot of shut doors," said another.

The TG Australia boys should respond by using a classic British saying: “Shut it!”

Did the manufactures not see Toyota Aygo/Volkswagen Fox Soccer on original TopGear? Or the lesser-known time when they decided to crash test on a Renault Megane without telling Renault they would total the borrowed car? Of course there is going to be destruction, THIS IS TOP GEAR NOT THE KNITTING HOUR!

Throw a scapegoat on the barbie: Top Gear Australia in trouble
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Cars get dinged up all the time on TopGear. Manufactures are supposed to be fine with it because every feature is a ten minute commercial for their product that people are actually willing to watch. Over the eight episode run, the damage amounts to about $16,500 in U.S. dollars per episode. Car companies spend more than that to advertise on a program, so manufacturers shouldn’t be upset or withhold cars because they have to expense that out for their test fleet.

The TG Aussie boys had tough shoes to fill. They were cast not as their own men, but as the personalities of original hosts with new accents. TopGear Australia didn’t have a spectacular first season, but some of it was good fun and they are finding their own voices. Even the first series of this incarnation of original (British) Top Gear had some real kinks to work out. In fact, the British second series dropped Jason Dawe for James May.

The Aussie boys absolutely deserve their second series. I only say shame on them for not causing more damage.


Source: Herald Sun

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  (35) posted on 12.12.2008

Jesus, i dread to think how much damage the original BBC top gear does per season!!!
Did anyone see the fiesta beach landing with the royal marines? Funniest piece of tv ive seen in ages!

AK47  (1024) posted on 12.11.2008

Those stupid Astras aren’t even worth 30K. Those guys should have taken a page out of Jeremy Clarksons book and said, Kiss my Asstra.

AK47  (45) posted on 12.10.2008

$30000 of damage? the must of blown them up or something

Myles_Kornblatt  (169) posted on 12.10.2008

I can only hope TopGear USA will cause at least this much damage.

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