Jingle Bells Get Replaced By Four Rings

Christmas is just round the corner and we can see a lot of holiday-themed commercials on television and over the internet. In fact, even automakers get creative during this season and some of them stand out. This particular video by Audi is here to put people into a festive mood by featuring a crowd-pulling celeb – Santa Claus.

It’s a Saturnalia Miracle!

This video is almost four-minutes long and shows Santa in a new light altogether. He is modern, sophisticated, health-conscious, and rides a sleigh that could slay the roads – an Audi RS5 Sportback. In the video, we can see Santa observing a couple arriving in a red 2019 Audi RS5 Sportback while he was delivering presents. Santa gets intimidated by the car and realizes how old-fashioned he still is. This, in turn, pushes him to train in order to lose weight and give ‘Santa’ a fresh look. Santa is shown doing a lot of cardio and boxing, and it’s actually fun to see him transform.

Throwback: Crossfit Santa Gets a New Ride This Christmas
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Just before D-Day, Santa visits a salon to give himself a look that would match his new, fit body. Move to the next shot and we see Santa hopping down the staircase to a round of applause for his transformation and the new uber-cool, well-shaped beard look. As a reward, Santa receives a red Audi RS5 Sportback of his own, to take over the duties from the red sleigh. Will 444 horses be able to do what eight reindeers have done for ages? We doubt it, but his new ride sure looks sexy.

Personally, I loved this video. The whole concept and the attention-to-detail are absolutely fantastic. It will leave you with a big smile at the end. What are your thoughts on this Audi commercial? Let us know in the comments section below.

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