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145 Fifth Gear - Tiff Drifting D1GP Part 1

Drifting is a difficult motorsport to master, after initiating the drift with either a pull of the handbrake or a drivetrain shocking clutch kick with you are then charged with delicately balancing the sideways sliding machine. Everyone’s favorite racing driver turned television host Tiff Needell from Fifth Gear tried his hand at drifting a Toyota Soarer (read Lexus SC300) at the inaugural D1GP event in the UK. Check out the video to see how he did.

Part 2 after the jump.

146 Fifth Gear - Tiff Drifting D1GP Part 2
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  (182) posted on 04.22.2009

Wow. How I wish I can actually practice what Tiff shared. Tiff is a lucky guy to have actually earned from something any guy would love to do.

  (314) posted on 04.22.2009

Tiff gives up good tips in the net about drifting. but you are right. I would like to see him do it the Japanese way drifting where it orignated

  (318) posted on 04.22.2009

Tiff is the guy. I checked his utube tutorials and drifting lessons and there is nothing that I ca say but to admire this guru. I would like to see him do it the Japanese way in the mountain side.

  (289) posted on 04.22.2009

News Bits: In November 2006, Needell was cleared of ’failing to supply details in relation to a speeding ticket’, and the accompanying speeding offence by Pontypridd magistrates. He was defended by Nick Freeman, otherwise known as Mr. Loophole. But Tiff is the guy. I love this guy and he is an icon!

  (421) posted on 04.21.2009

Google Tiff Needell and you see in the you tube his powerslide tutorial and drifting lesson in BMW Z3 M Roadster. It’s cool and you will surely love it.

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