Tired of Waiting for Elon Musk? Just Build Your Own Tesla Cybertruck

Maybe it doesn’t look just like the Cybertruck, but at least is drivable

The Cybertruck was one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2019. The model enjoyed a lot of attention – both positive and negative - since the second it was unveiled for the first time. A production version was supposed to arrive in 2021, but Elon Musk apologized for the inconvenience and pushed the launch back to 2023. Of course, we are not very confident this will actually happen, but one can hope. Musk also promised that the production version will retain most of the concept’s design language, and it will also get a version with four electric motors and a range of 610 miles.

Tired of Waiting for Elon Musk? Just Build Your Own Tesla Cybertruck
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On paper, it all sounds amazing, but people are tired of waiting and want to be able to drive the electric truck already. Cyber Hooligan is one of the many tired of waiting, so he came up with his own version of the Cybertruck. Of course, maybe not as impressive as the real deal, but it has a huge advantage over it: it can be driven!

His project is based on a Toyota Prius C, from which it retained the powertrain. This means this is a hybrid and not an electric vehicle. As you can see in the video, this vehicle doesn’t have the same length as the original Prius, as that’s because Cyber removed the back seats, cut the body, and welded the front and the remaining rear part together. This gives his wannabe Cybertruck a very short wheelbase, but he seems to be very happy with the result.

Tired of Waiting for Elon Musk? Just Build Your Own Tesla Cybertruck
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In all honesty, only the car’s front has some sort of resemblance to the Cybertruck, but the rest not so much. There is a light bar in the rear that kind of looks similar to the original, but that’s pretty much it. The vehicle was built with only one purpose in mind: hunting. And for that, it just seems perfect. The front end is lifted one inch, the car is equipped with off-road tires, and the top has a LED light bar that will help during night driving. Since it is a hybrid vehicle, it is also quiet, which will make hunting even easier. At the same time, it is not very safe, and also not road-legal.

We are pretty sure that by the time Tesla will finally launches the production version Cybertruck we are going to see more and more of these projects, but that’s a good thing. At least people are getting inventive.

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