If until know you were speeding up with no worries thinking your parents will never find out about it, well no the good times are over. tiwi has developed a new device that tells your parents when you speed up!

tiwi is an on-board computer that has the power to instantly alert and instruct young drivers while, at the same time, enabling parents to receive real-time notifications by phone, text or email concerning their teen’s current location, actions and driving safety.

tiwi is based on the same inthinc technology that has led to unprecedented improvements in driving behaviors for commercial fleets for years, and is now even utilized in NASCAR race vehicles.

Parents, if you want to keep your children under control, you can buy tiwi for $549.


Source: tiwi

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  (520) posted on 07.1.2008

bad news for the young drivers opsesed with speed smiley

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