At 21 years old, most of us would be ecstatic to have one working car to drive around to school, on dates, and maybe even a few out-of-town trips.

For engineering student Dhiaa Al-Essa, one car just doesn’t quite cut it. Actually, 10 cars still seems a little on the ‘little’ side. No, this 21-year old son of a Saudi business tycoon already has 30 – yep, 30! – cars in his garage. And the best part is, all of his cars aren’t what you’d call ‘everyday-driving’ vehicles. Apparently, that’s not how he rolls. His list of vehicles include five Porsches, four Ferraris, three Lamborghinis, two Rolls Royces, and a Mercedes SLR McLaren.

On top of that, he’s got two more exotics headed his way – a Bugatti Veyron and a Koenigsegg Agera – and if you remember that Ferrari 458 Italia that burned down at Heathrow Airport in London a few weeks ago, that’s his too. That wasted 458 isn’t all that big of a deal for this guy because he’s already in the process of scooping up a 599 Roadster – production number 70 out of 70, in fact.

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And in case you’re wondering what a 21-year old does with all these exotics, you’d be pleased to know that he actually takes them out on the road instead of letting them sit and collect dust in his garage. As a matter of fact, his idea of the road is traveling to other countries with supercar in tow just to have a chance to stretch their legs.

He goes to America, Canada, Germany and a host of other countries just to drive his cars and then heads home the moment he wants to use another one.

Yes, folks. Some people are just born lucky. And much to our chagrin, those people aren’t any one of us.

Source: Metro UK

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  (780) posted on 09.6.2010

I hate that dude!, lol he’s so lucky to be the son of a business man.

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